First blog post

Hello…anyone out there??? So this is my blog. If you’ve found your way here to my little corner of the internet; welcome.  Why did I decide to do this? Well, for a number of reasons.  I have been a long time, avid blog reader.  I use blogs to gain information and insight into training better, to enhance my overall well being, and for plain old entertainment.  Why now? Well, I have some big goals in mind.  When I trained for my first marathon (Columbus, 2012), I wanted to blog the process.  Well that didn’t happen.  I’ve now successfully completed the distance a few times and am ready to move on.  I’ll blog later about future goals, but for now I’ll share that I would like to one day complete a hundred miler.  I don’t know when and where but I do know that someday, I’ll get that hundo. I hope to blog my way through all of the little goals, training, life and hiccups along the way.  Thanks for reading and joining me on my journey!



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