Training log, week of September 19-25

I really enjoy reading the training logs of others.  It’s a bit like eavesdropping on someone’s personal conversation and I like being able to compare and contrast other’s training against my own.  I also feel like it can enhance my own training and gives me ideas for new workouts that I can use later.

Right now, I am training for two marathons.  One road and one trail.  They are about 2 weeks apart and if I can complete both, I will achieve a long time sub goal of qualifying to become a marathon maniac. My training in the last few weeks has been heavy on the road miles.  During this training cycle, I spent about the first 8 or so weeks doing my long runs on the trails.  In the last 5 or so weeks, I’ve done the majority of my workouts on the road and only some of the time on the trails.  I’ve done 2 20 milers, one on the road, and the other on the trail.  I’ve tried to be as versatile as possible with regard to race specificity to give myself the best possible chances at both.  Of course, anytime the goals are so varied, like mine are, there are going to be some inherent shortcomings. My hope is that come each race day, my cobbled together training will prove to be efficient and I’ll be successful at both races.

Monday: Rest day.  I typically reserve Monday as a complete day of rest.  It has best worked out for me to “sleep in” after my two weekend runs and go to bed early.

Tuesday: 5@5am.  I met up with my usual weekday group for 5 miles at a comfortable 9:38 pace.

Morning crew

Wednesday: 8.33 miles.  I did the first 4 ish on my own and then met up the a group from Vertical Runner for the 13.1 year anniversary celebration.  The majority of this run was roads with about a 2 mile stretch of very comfortable and easy trail. I also demoed a pair of asics. Not a fan but they later won me over with a free asics t shirt.

I saw Bigfoot and a gorgeous waterfall

Thursday: 5@5am.  Again, met up with friends for an early quick workout.  We averaged a 9:50 pace.

Friday: 25 minutes ARC trainer followed by a core/lower back circuit.

Saturday: 20.77 miles total.  The first 9 were with Amy before she had to run home to catch a flight.  I ran a bit by myself and ran the last 10+ with a new friend.  It was crazy how quickly the last 10 flew by as compared to the first. I had a ton of gas left in the tank.  I would have kept going to round out to 21 or 22 but my husband and son were waiting for me at the coffee shop.

5am prank phone calls. And possibly tetanus on my ear.

Sunday: 6.1 miles at 11:20 pace. Met with Leighanna for a slow trek through the Brex Res over to the Towpath in CVNP.  These were deliberately slow miles and although my legs were tired, it felt good to be out there.  Leighanna had run the  Akron Marathon the day before (and PR’ed with a 3.50!!) We slowly wound our way down (and later up) through the beautiful valley, stopping to take pictures, socialize with photographers and of course occasionally break out in the spontaneous song and dance.

Breathtaking views. And the fog and trees were pretty too.

Total: 45.17 miles

So there you have it-my supremely boring training log.  As of right now, I am officially on the downswing and headed into taper.  I have some thoughts on this  training cycle which I’ll write more about later.  Overall, I’ve enjoyed these last few months of running but will definitely do things differently next time around.  I absolutely have some area’s I need to work on and some goals for next year.  I’ve already started forming some plans in my head and can’t wait to make it official!

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