Training log, September 26-October 2

Ok so here goes another edition of weekly training logs.  This past week was my first taper week in the lead up to the Columbus Marathon.  It was everything taper should be: sleeping in, copious amounts of food, and second guessing your training plan. Actually not really on the second guessing crap.  The hay is in the barn so to speak so there’s really no use in questioning your training.  You can’t go back in time and run more or less miles or more speed work or lift more weights so no use in worrying about it.  It took me a few rounds of playing the self doubt card but that crap got old real fast and I just don’t like to dabble in that too much these days.

Monday: Rest day.  I may have practiced a head stand so I think that counts as core work, right?

Attempting yoga with a 3 year old

Tuesday: 5 slow indoor track miles followed by core and glute strengthening.  I had to be at work a bit early and didn’t feel like making the trek to my usual Tuesday group so I stuck close to home and ran on the track.  It’s been a while since I’ve done a 5am run at the gym.  It felt kind of nice although my usual early morning gym partner Amy was on vacation.  We must go to the gym together a lot because I was asked where she was!!

Wednesday: 6 tempo miles on the Towpath.  After work, I met up with a friend  who is expecting her first baby and wanted to meet to chat about running, pregnancy, pregnant running etc.  It was a fantastic run and the miles FLEW by as we talked and ran.  It rained the whole time and the Towpath looked gorgeous as the first hints of Fall peaked through.

Jessica rocking the post run/pregnancy glow!!

Thursday: 5@5.  My typical very early morning run group.  We took it nice and easy as most of us are tapering for the Columbus Marathon.  Always good to be home and done with running by 6am!

5@5 crew! All of us are training for a marathon in the next few weeks!

Friday: My husband and I took the day off to celebrate our son’s birthday.  I slept in and intentionally did not run or go to the gym.  We did however go on a 2 mile hike which I will count as 4 because I wore my son the whole time.

3 year olds are frickin heavy!!

Saturday: 13 miles on the Towpath.  I met up with a new-er running friend who is training for the Towpath Half Marathon which is coming up.  She recently had a second baby and is just getting back in shape.  Goal was to run a bit faster then marathon pace and we nailed it.

No pics but here is what I drank post run

Sunday: 3 dreadful treadmill miles plus core/glutes/lower back prehab.  This was a bit different then my planned 8 miles with friends.  I was feeling a bit apprehensive about running this day because I had mandatory soon to be sister in law spa day duties (poor me) which would require me being away from home for a big chunk of time. I was feeling a bit selfish being away to both run AND get a massage and mani so I went to the gym for some crappy miles and was home before anyone woke up.  The upside was that I got to spend some family time that other wise wouldn’t have happened.

This week by the numbers:

Miles: 32

Number of donuts eaten: 0 (a new record lately)

Workouts/strength sessions other then running: 3 (totally counting that hike).  Just want to take a minute to put this out there-if you are a runner, do yourself a favor and do something other then running.  Trust me on this, your body will thank you later.

Number of massages: 1.5.  I had one blissful hour of intense deep tissue massage.  I typically don’t utilize massage during training cycles so this was a rare treat.  I also had approximately 3 minutes of hand and arm massage during a hair appointment at a new salon.  That alone totally sold me and I’ll definitely be back!



2 thoughts on “Training log, September 26-October 2

  1. Love your attitude on second-guessing you’re training! You’re absolutely right, there’s nothing else you can do at this point so no point in stressing about it! Good luck in Columbus! I’m sure you’ll do great!

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