Last week’s training and Columbus Marathon Goals

I have been somewhat hesitant to write about my goals.  My guess is that if I put it out there on the internet and then fail to make these goals, maybe I’ll feel embarrassed??  That doesn’t feel quite right though because I don’t feel that I can say that I’ve failed just by not meeting my time goal.  I’ve completed every training run so that counts for something, right?? I’ve had an amazing cycle of training after taking 2 complete months of rest following a herniated disc injury.  That’s a win in my book so without further ado; here are some goals.  My primary “A” time goal is 4:30.  I believe this is in my wheelhouse.  Last fall I completed two half marathons at just under 2 hours.  Now, we are one year later and again, I must stress that I lost a lot of fitness following my disc injury.  BUT, I have completed many runs at or below race pace, so I do think it is possible.  My “B” goal is 4:40 and under, and lastly, my “C” goal is to finish.  So there you go, my time goals for all the world to see.  Whew, that wasn’t so bad.  Ok, on to to my second to last taper week.

Monday: Complete day of rest as per my usual schedule.

Tuesday: 5@5 on the track with Amy.  Also completed a core and glute circuit.

Wednesday: Unscheduled rest day.  Woke up feeling just off and exhausted.  When I still hadn’t gotten the run in by 6pm, I decided to call it a wash.  And I didn’t feel guilty!

Thursday: 5@5 with my regular group.  Nice slow pace (I actually am not sure I even wore a watch this day).  Plus I met another new-er blogger and shared/learned some tips which is always so nice!

Friday: Planned rest day.

Saturday: 10 miles at under MP.  My brother got married this weekend so we planned an early morning run before the craziness began.  Leighanna joined us as well and we had a lovely time on the towpath.  The fall colors are really starting to come through.  The weather was perfect.  The conversation flowed as usual and the breakfast afterward was amazing as all food usually is post run. Side note, I ran with a new pair of shoes that I plan to run in on race day.  Come marathon sunday, the shoes will only have about 20 miles on them which I know is typically a big no-no.  Unfortunately the pair I purchased to be my race day shoes were just causing some issues despite previously running in the same model.  I’m glad I figured this out before the race becase I do believe that if I had run in the first pair, I most definitely would have had some significant issues running 26.2 miles in them.  However, my new shoes are a model I’ve never worn before but so far love.  So we will see how this works out. 

With the groom to be

Amazing fall views on the towpath 

Goofing around (and somehow maintaining marathon pace)

The unfortunate shoes

Sunday: 5.5 miles through downtown Hudson with my MRTT/SRTT group.  Again, nice easy paced run with good conversation.  Plus I LOVE running through Western Reserve School-it reminds me of being in college with the beautiful old colonial buildings.  Always one of my favorite places to run.

Sunday run group

Streets of Western Reserve 

Overall not a bad week.  I feel good going into this last week of taper before the race.  I’ll do a recap of my entire training cycle along with future goals as well as what I would do differently once the race is over.

Tell me: How is your training going? Have you ever bought new shoes before a big race?


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