Training Log-Thanksgiving Week

I love the week of Thanksgiving-it usually means less work, more downtime, more family time and a whole lot of delicious food.  I always like to take the time to get in a good post Thanksgiving Day workout and last week was no exception-other than one notable change from years past.  More on that later. … Continue reading Training Log-Thanksgiving Week

Turkey Trot Recap 

Thanksgiving encompasses so many traditions; pumpkin pie, stuffing, family time and of course starting the day with a run in a local turkey trot. This is the 6th year I've participated in a thanksgiving day race and it has become my favorite way to start the day.  This was the 35th year for the Cleveland … Continue reading Turkey Trot Recap 

Favorite Running Gear Plus a Wish list-Part 1

Longtime BRF Leighanna and I were recently discussing what makes our favorite running gear our favorite.  We both love reading gear guides from other runners and find them incredibly helpful.  It's a great way to get info on new gear with real world testing.  I've been able to find awesome products that I otherwise wouldn't have been … Continue reading Favorite Running Gear Plus a Wish list-Part 1