Training Log-Weeks 1 and 2 Post Marathon

The last two weeks have been about resting and getting back to fun running. I am not training for anything specific right now and am not really sure when I’ll feel ready to fall back into a dedicated training cycle.  I have some goal races for 2017 but my “A” race does not fall until the end of July which means that formal training does not have to begin for quite a while. Right now I am enjoying “sleeping in” and spending more time with my family, especially on weekend mornings which are typically dedicated to back to back long runs.

Something of note is that the last two Saturday’s, my husband Chris has joined me for a run on a local running trail.  He is just getting into running and has expressed some interest in running a local 5k so he has taken some steps to begin training including running with me a bit which has been really nice.  After 6 years with him standing on the sidelines cheering and crewing for me, I hope to finally be able to do that with him!

So here is what my most recent weeks have looked like:

Sunday: This is day 1 post marathon and my legs felt good enough for a hike around the Montezuma National Wildlife Preserve in Central New York.  I forgot to mention that immediately following the marathon on Saturday, I got in the car and drove for 5 hours to the Finger Lakes which is an annual trip for us.  Despite the hours of sitting still, my legs didn’t hate me but my husband did after I freaked out when we passed a pizza place and I decided that I needed pizza NOW!

Car compression

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 2.5 miles with Chris and Liam around a local park.  The temperature was well over 60 degrees which is amazing for early November.  We decided to run a bit before dinner and enjoy the still warm weather. I had planned on waiting another day or so to run but felt great so I figured a few miles would be good.

Wednesday: 3.5 miles with Amy after dark.  We decided to wait until all of the kids were in bed before taking off on a quick run around our neighborhood.  We were treated to a spectacular view as we ran through a heavily wooded area.  Pictures do not do it justice.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 4.5 with Amy early in the morning.  We ran around Amy’s neighborhood which isn’t far from mine.  Again it was remarkably warm for the time of year.

Saturday: 4 miles on the towpath with Chris and Leighanna.  This was Chris’s first foray into the Saturday long run tradition: run followed by breakfast.

Sunday: Autumn Leaves 5 miler plus 3.2 mile hike to complete our local park’s annual fall hiking spree (8 hikes of various lengths and terrains over a 3 month period-our second year of completing it!)

Our hiking spree shield 

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Another rest day-totally unplanned and it felt so good!

Wednesday: 3 miles on the indoor track and lifting

Thursday: 15 minutes on the stair climber and lifting.

Friday: 5@5 with my regular group.  Not so regular lately as I’ve been running a bit closer to home in the mornings.  The drive is always worth it though.

Saturday: Another long run with Chris on the Towpath.  We met up with my brother Andrew and Chris ran his longest distance to date-5 miles. I pushed Liam in the stroller and the miles flew by as we did a quick out and back.

Sunday: 10 miles at 9.46 pace with my Sunday group.  Another fantastic long run with my friends.  I haven’t made it to this run in few weeks due to racing and traveling in October.  It was great to recap some recent races and as always, it went by quickly.  My legs and lungs felt strong and I easily could’ve kept going.

Post long run eats!! 

So that’s been my last few weeks. As of this post, my plan is to take it easy for the next month or two and maintain about 25 mpw. And a fter the new year, well that is still to be determined….


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