Turkey Trot Recap 

Thanksgiving encompasses so many traditions; pumpkin pie, stuffing, family time and of course starting the day with a run in a local turkey trot. This is the 6th year I’ve participated in a thanksgiving day race and it has become my favorite way to start the day. 

This was the 35th year for the Cleveland Turkey Trot- a 5 mile jaunt through the streets of the city. The course seems to change a bit each year which keeps it fresh for me. 

Each year over 7000 people line up to participate in what is essentially a 5 mile party. People dress up and there is a festive atmosphere as we begin the first of many celebrations of the upcoming holiday season. This year my husband joined for his first Turkey Trot (and second race ever!) which meant that I would push our little guy in the stroller. No problem. I’ll take the challenge of navigating a 50lb stroller through a tightly packed crowd of spandex clad people any day! 

Race morning was perfect weather- 40 degrees with a light mist. I fueled up with my typical pre race fare of black coffee and a pop tart on the ride down. Parking was easy and we quickly made our way to public hall to meet up with Rachel and Julie. Despite being packed, we easily found each other and took a few pre race pictures 


Liam did a little last minute carb loading 

We lined up somewhere near the middle and patiently waited for the race to start. As we slowly made our way to the start, i became acutely aware of how many people I was going to have to run around with my stroller. In a race this size, it’s inevitable that you’ll face a wide array of paces which means lots of weaving which isn’t really a problem but it is a challenge. I really don’t want to hurt anyone with my stroller so I take great pains to ensure that doesn’t happen. 

This year the course took us over from one side of town to the other and back. For those familiar with the area, we ran over the Detroit- Superior bridge, through a bit of the west side and back to downtown on the Lorain-Carnegie bridge 

The guardians of transportation-one of several beautiful statues on the bridge. 

Rachel and I stuck together and chatted about training, future races, and caught up on life. The course was fairly crowded as we expected for miles 1-3 and we took our time weaving around others. Overall, this was a pretty flat course with the exception of the two bridges which are always challenging, running stroller or not! As we crested the first bridge, we found ourselves “racing” some dads pushing strollers which added a bit of the competitive spirit back into what was basically a fun run for us. 

Just as the rain started to pick up, we rounded our last turn around mile 4, went under the huge GE chandelier and headed to the finish. Rachel looked at me with 50 yards to go and said “want to sprint it in?” And that’s what we did- love that last little kick. Although to be fair, I had a good bit left in the tank due to taking my sweet time in the previous 4.9 miles!

Overall time was 51.xx (I ran watchless and never checked the results as this truly was just a fun run). 

Chris found us pretty easily and we caught up on his race- he PR’ed!! So proud of him! 

After that, we headed home, 2 shiny new medals in tow and later enjoyed an amazing meal! Hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving!! 


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