Training Log-Thanksgiving Week

I love the week of Thanksgiving-it usually means less work, more downtime, more family time and a whole lot of delicious food.  I always like to take the time to get in a good post Thanksgiving Day workout and last week was no exception-other than one notable change from years past.  More on that later.

Monday– 5 untimed miles on the track with Amy.  Although I’m mostly enjoying my watchless runs I do finally have some speed work scheduled in as I think I’m ready.  Historically I am not great about speed work during marathon training.  I start out with the best of intentions but increased mileage and fatigue eventually take over and lead to a lot of really slow miles.  Not the best in the long run and a habit I’m trying to break out of.

Also on Monday, I volunteered at packet pick up for our local Turkey Trot.  Talk about heaven-I got to talk about running for 4 solid hours!

Wednesday: Another slow 5 miler.  I met up with some girlfriends to run our regular loop around a local neighborhood.  This run was notable because it was my coldest run in ages-the feels like temp was 19 degrees! Despite the chilly air, it was enjoyable and refreshing.

Thursday– I ran my 6th Turkey Trot!! And then ate a lot of food! This day also marks the start of my third annual Holiday Run Streak-a daily run of 1 or more miles from Thanksgiving Day to New Years Day.  I have come to really enjoy these 5 or so weeks of streaking at the end of each year-I end up feeling strong and ready to start training once the holidays are over and marathon prep begins. It’s a unique challenge and I can’t wait to do it again!

So much food!!

Friday-I can’t recall the last time I worked on the Friday after the holiday but for some reason, I decided to go into work rather than take another vacation day.  I can say that I did not think this one out! It was so hard to get up early knowing that instead of my usual post holiday long run, I had to squeeze in a workout and then go to work. That definitely put a damper on my mood but I managed to “sleep in” and still get in a 2 mile recovery run plus 5 minutes of climbing Jacob’s Ladder (hurts but I love it so much) and core work.

Later in the day, we met up with my friend Elizabeth and her husband Matt for a 2 or so mile hike around some local trails in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Saturday-8 trail miles. I met up with some new and old friends for a trail run through CVNP.  It rained lightly throughout the run and wow was it muddy! I fell pretty hard early on and have some interesting bruising on my knees but man it felt good to get out there and play.  We ran one of my favorite routes through a pine forest, over tons of rocks and roots and of course a creek crossing or two! Elizabeth ended up showing us a new way to get back to where we started-love learning new trails!

Sunday-5.5 miles in the annual Tryptophan 2 hour run, a free event hosted by Vertical Runner, a local running store.  The idea is that you can run as many 2 or 3 miles loops within 2 hours.  For each completed loop, you earn entries into a raffle which takes place right after the run.  This is always a fun event which brings out tons of runners.  Because this takes place in the same location as my regular Sunday running group, we joined up with the group. My brother Andrew joined as well.  There is always a huge turnout and I love catching up friends who join in.  Because Chris worked on Sunday, I pushed Liam in the stroller although I must say that I happily took my brother up on the offer to push it up the hills!

Pre run with my running group

Mid run mitten changing

Post run donuts with Uncle Andrew

Total: 28.5 miles.  My sweet spot of mileage when not in training.  In looking over my recent training logs, I am seeing a bit of a trend with my runs- lots of 5 miles runs, and nothing of quality.  Nothing against the slow miles but after weeks of easy running, it’s time to add a bit of quality to my workouts.  Goal for next week is to vary the distance a bit more, continue the Holiday Run Streak, and add in one quality workout.




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