Day in the life-a.k.a. too much adulting

This is a glimpse into the average Wednesday for me


4:30am-First alarm goes off.  I roll over and hit snooze.

4:47am-Up and out of bed.  I quickly dress, down my preworkout 1/2 a pop tart (accidentally vegan!) and am in my car by 4:58

5:03-Arrive at the gym.  I am the only person there other than two employees.  I do a one mile warm up and go through a thirty minute routine of kettle bell swings, dumbbell exercises and TRX.  I finish up with 7 tortuous minutes on the Jacobs ladder followed by quick core.

Awkward gym pic

5:58am-Home and immediately in the shower. I hear Liam calling for me as soon as I get out so I quickly grab him and settle him in bed with Chris while I finish getting ready.  As usual I couldn’t resist the urge to climb back in bed with both my guys for a little bit of early morning snuggling! Poor Chris tells me he isn’t feeling well and stays in bed while I finish getting dressed.

6:45am-Head downstairs with Liam to get breakfast started for him.  While cooking his oatmeal I pack my usual salad and leftovers for lunch and heat up roasted veggies, lentils and vegetarian sausage for my breakfast. Chris decides he isn’t going to work so suddenly I shift in to high gear to get Liam prepped for daycare as Chris is typically in charge of this.  I quickly turn Liam’s oatmeal into breakfast to go and are in the car in record time.

7:15am-Drop Liam off at daycare and get him all set up with breakfast and lots of hugs and kisses.  He barely looks up as I leave which is a relief as he typically freaks out when I go. Back in the car for my commute to work.

7:56am-Dozily drive to Starbucks for my first cup of coffee of the day and am in my office 10 minutes later.

8:45am-My first of many meetings of the day.  The first hour and half of the day we meet with all of the psychiatrists to review cases.  Thankfully the coffee is doing the trick and keeping me awake.  I multi task during downtime to finish my holiday shopping and send Chris some ideas for gifts for me.

11:30am-My first break from meetings.  I steal a few minutes of time in my office to snack on some dried coconut strips and cashews before seeing my first patients.

12:45am-Back in my office for a 15 minute lunch consisting of the same thing I eat every day: Spinach salad.  I threw in leftover lentils from dinner last night and quickly went back to work before my next meeting.

1:30pm-Complete paperwork for my last patient of the day and head to my second to last meeting of the day. I snacked on a leftover cookie from an earlier meeting and added a cup of coffee to get me through the last few hours of the day.  I typically try not to indulge in food that I don’t pack myself but the temptation was just too strong.  I promise myself no more sweets for the day.

Not shown to scale 😂❤️

4:30pm-Back on the road for the long commute home. Traffic has been awful lately due to a ton of construction.  I make it to daycare in less than an hour and am home shortly after.

5:30pm-Home and time to prep dinner.  Because I have to head out soon, I prepare a quick dinner of chicken sausage (for Chris), riced cauliflower, peas and more leftover lentils. No pics, it wasn’t very photogenic.  While dinner is cooking I play with Liam as much as possible.  We catch up on his day and talk a lot about monster trucks 🙂

7:00pm-Out the door once again to meet a girlfriend for coffee. This time I actually pass on the caffeine as I need to fall asleep at some point tonight!

8:00pm-Finally home.  Didn’t mean to stay out this long!! Liam just went to bed but I sneak in and him him a few kisses!  I quickly change, catch up on how bedtime went, finish typing up this post and  climb into bed.  I read about 10 pages of my book club book The Guineveres but by 9:30 my eyelids are getting heavy and I finally turn in for the night.  Another marathon day of non stop activity and trying to “fit it all in.” I set my alarm for 4:15am when the whole cycle starts again!


2 thoughts on “Day in the life-a.k.a. too much adulting

    • Haha well thank you so much! I definitely don’t feel like a super woman most days- more like her tired, run down older sister haha!


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