Last Week’s Training + Update on the Run Streak

This past week was busy in terms of running.  I ran every day as I intend to do until New Year’s Day and in addition to that, I added in some much needed strength training.  For the last two years, I have done a traditional run streak-at least one mile per day, no days off.  I’ve always completed it and considered it a pretty doable goal for myself.  There were certainly days where I was tired, but I never had to go out and run laps around my house at 11:50pm to make it work. It took a bit of planning and there were certainly days where I felt lazy and unmotivated, but I made it work.  The biggest benefit to this type of run streak was that come January and the start of marathon training, I actually felt like I was cutting back because suddenly I was “only” running 5 days.  I tend to keep my mileage pretty low during the streak which seems to make it manageable and fun.

The other benefit to streaking is that on my “rest” days, I’ll typically run between 2-3 miles which then compels me to add in some sort of additional exercise like strength training because I’ve already put in the effort to get out of bed and get dressed.  It’s as if the hard part is over so I might as well make use of the fact that I’m already in running clothes.  Speaking of running clothes, the laundry during the 5 weeks of streaking is out of control!!

So here is my last week in a nutshell:

Monday: 2 solo miles on the track, 6 minutes of HIIT on the Jacob’s Ladder-holy shit is that thing tough.  I can’t believe how hard it is but I think it’ll ultimately make me a better runner.  Core work

Tuesday:  1 mile warm up, 6 x .25 mile hill repeats, 1 mile cooldown. This felt fantastic.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done a hill repeat and while it kicked my ass, it felt so good to work on form and turnover.  I felt strong despite no formal speed work for quite some time.  Bonus was that it was 50 degrees out at 5am!

I love the holiday running view 

Wednesday: 1 mile, 7 minutes Jacob’s Ladder, 30 minutes of strength training.  I used a kettlebell for the first time.  Pretty sure my legs are still feeling it several days later.

Thursday: 5 miles at 9.30 pace.  I went out with my regular 5 am group for some early miles. Pace felt comfortable.

Friday: 4.25 miles with Amy on the track plus a laughable attempt at core.  We could not stop laughing so I think that was the majority of the core work for the day.


Saturday: 3 miles plus 30 minutes strength training.  I originally planned a 10 mile trail run but my little guy woke up pretty early and I gave in to the desire to spend time with him.  Plus I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather so it was an easy decision to cancel.  I ended up at the gym a few hours later.

Sunday: 8.6 miles.  I met up with my regular Sunday running group for some loops in our local neighborhoods plus coffee.  Fun fact: it was our groups 2 year “runiversary!”

Annual pic in front of a giant reindeer 

Total: 28.85 plus 60 minutes of strength and 1.5 days of core.  Pretty proud of my stats.  Right where I want to be as far as not being in official training for anything.

Goals for this week: 30 miles, 1 speed workout, 2 strength training days, 2 days of core work.



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