Training recap + RIP Run Streak

Funny story-the day I wrote my last blog post and espoused the wonder that is a winter run streak, my little run streak died a slow and painless death.  Let me back up a bit: last year during my second run streak, I came down with a nasty case of simultaneous strep throat and pink eye.  I ran through it and felt miserable but made it through and completed the 38 day streak. Several friends were streaking at the time as well and a few ended up discontinuing their streaks for their own various maladies.  I thought that for me, running through awful pain, a goopy eye, and a antibiotic messed up GI tract would make be the baddest runner in all the land.  However, it didn’t.  I actually kind of felt like an ass.  I looked at my friends who had stopped streaking for their own reasons and thought to myself “well, that seemed like the sensible option.” I kicked myself for running through that nonsense because frankly, it didn’t make me the baddest runner ever, nor did it prove anything other than sometimes I have questionable judgment when it comes to taking time off. 

 So this year, as I once again decided to attempt the streak, I put a little asterisk next it in my mind and determined that if I did come down with an illness, I would end my streak if necessary. And sure enough, about 1 weeks into the streak, I started to feel pretty bad.  Nothing major but something that made me feel not so great.  After another week of running through it, I called it.  Surprisingly I wasn’t all that conflicted about it.  I took two rest days last week and am back running.  I’m not sure if I’ll continue to participate in this streak as I really can’t call myself a streaker at this point.  I felt a little pang over the weekend as I overheard some friends discussing it but overall I am settled with my decision.

So with that being said, here is what my week looked like:

Monday: My first rest day after feeling awful for the previous 5/6 days.

Tuesday: 1 mile warm up, circuit of bleachers, planks, pushups, tricep dips, squats, and lunges and a 1.7 mile cool down. Temps were super chilly and my hands were too cold to take a picture.  Trust me that we looked badass as we ran the bleachers in the pitch dark at 5am.

Wednesday: Still not feeling great so another rest day.

Thursday: I went to the gym at 4:45am for a 6 mile tempo run.  However, as I walked to the door, I realized that I forgot to renew my 24/7 pass which meant that I couldn’t get in until 5:30am which just wasn’t going to leave my with enough time.  So I went home and back to bed.  I did return to the gym at 4:30pm that afternoon for a very quick 4.5 mile steady state run. Just grateful to get anything in at that point.

And a new watch!

Friday: 5 miles on the track with Amy plus kettlebell and TRX

Still working on my action shots

Saturday: 8 miles- I met up with my brother Andrew and Rachel for a run through our local MetroParks.  Interestingly enough there was 2 inches of snow on the ground although there was absolutely nothing at my home just 5 miles away.  I wore road shoes and was woefully unprepared for the slick conditions. Even less prepared was Andrew who in true family fashion, showed up wearing shorts and later described his legs as feeling “pins and needles” hahaha!

Frozen legs 

Sunday: You would have thought I may have learned my lesson about wearing road shoes in icy weather but I did not.  I slid my way through a 4.5 mile run with some of my favorite running partners.  It was wet, icy and cold but just breathtakingly beautiful as the snow fell.  I planned on a much longer run but it became clear that continuing to run in those conditions was not ideal.

Despite crappy conditions, look how many showed up!

Also of note this week is foodwise, I started tracking macros.  It’s too early to share my initial thoughts on how this is working but I’ll have a writeup soon.

Total for the week:

24.7 miles

2 days of strength

0 donuts

But a shitload of christmas cookies


4 thoughts on “Training recap + RIP Run Streak

  1. Ah, I’m sorry your run streak died! I’ve never streaked and I don’t have any plans to. Too much pressure for me for what should be an enjoyable sport. But I know tons of streakers who love it!


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