Training recap plus update on strength training

This past week of training, I think things finally are beginning to fall in to place as far as off season running.  I have finally broken that barrier of not feeling compelled to run while also embracing the desire to stay active.  I am the type of person who says that they are done training and racing but oh wait, check out this race over here and out comes the credit card. I have this idea that I can continue to “capitalize” on prior training by continuing to roll it over into subsequent training cycles.  Rinse and repeat and here I am a few years later and feeling like I truly haven’t really had much down time since my c section in 2013.

Going into 2017, I have a few key races planned.  My “A” race is in the late summer so I want to be careful to show up well rested not only physically but mentally well.  I think that typically, when thinking of training, it’s important to be aware of not only the heavy physical toll but the mental and emotional aspect can be.  I don’t believe that motivation is some limited thing that runs out but I don’t want to push myself to dig deep for a run in sub zero temps when it’s not a key workout.  I know how brutal long training cycles can be so I think it is very important for me to have some forced downtime.

As far as strength training; wow just wow. I can’t believe how much stronger I feel after just a month of consistent lifting. I’m not lifting particularly heavy but the consistency is allowing gains which keeps me motivated. I totally credit Jamie Easons BodySpace App program that I started last year with giving me weight room confidence! 

Here is what my “downtime” training week looked like:

Monday: Rest day.  I’m a long time Monday rest-er.  I typically do back to back long runs on weekends so monday has become programmed as an off day and I’ve continued to uphold this.

Tuesday: 4.5 miles total, broken up into 1.5 mile warmup, 6x.25mile hill repeats (imagine a quarter mile hill repeat, spend a minute thinking about what it means.  Yep this workout was a bitch but so good) and 1.5 mile cool down.  By the way, I am loving my Tuesday morning group speed workouts.

Wednesday: I got a new fitness toy-a kettlebell.  I immedietly named it “The Thruster”.  It’s big and yellow and I love it.  I’ve been using the KB at the gym the last few weeks and it has not aggravated my previous back injury so I’m going to keep using it for strength training.

Thursday: 5 miles in the very early morning followed by 45 minutes of lifting a bit later in the morning which wasn’t planned but became possible due to having to take the day off of work due to snow.

Friday: 1 mile warmup, 30 minute cycle. Abs.  I actually was going to run a bit longer but I felt bored with running so I just didn’t and it felt kind of liberating.

Saturday: 10 incredibly snowy trail miles.  I feel like I actually got quite the workout in with the snow and ice.

Mid run sledding!

Sunday: 6.3 miles with my Sunday running group.  The roads were incredibly icy after yesterday’s rain and subsequent sudden temperature drop.  It made navigating the streets a bit treacherous at times.  And in true Sara fashion, I once again wore road shoes which did me no favors on the slick streets. I started out a very nice slow comfortable pace for the first 2.75 miles and than somehow got into a conversation with the fast girls and next thing I knew, I was running at a much faster pace.

Total running miles: 26.8

Strength training-2

Donuts-1 and it was amazing

Days of macro counting-5/7.  Still trying to figure this whole thing out.

Number of terrible vegan protein powder incidents-2 (see above mention of macro counting)




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