Training Recap and Holiday Traditions

Well that week flew by! With my abbreviated work week, plus almost non stop family holiday obligations,  I feel like I am just now coming back up for air this morning! This week is another shortened work week as the year draws to a close.  I’m loving the opportunity to sleep in a little and run later in the day.  It’s been rare for me to run in the daylight recently so I’ve been savoring the couple opportunities I’ve had to do just that this past week.

Here is what my last week looked like:

Monday and Tuesday: I took back to back rest days! This is a rarity for me and something usually don’t allow myself to do.  In the interest of self care, I decided to nix my Tuesday workout because I just didn’t feel great.  No significant symptoms were present but just enough of feeling under the weather for me to cancel my plans.

Wednesday: 6 easy paced miles on the indoor track.  I took it easy and just focused on maintaining a conversational pace with Amy who joined for 5ish miles and then caught this pic of me:

Thursday: 5@5 with my regular group.  It felt like I was exerting much more effort than I actually was for some reason. I definitely huffed and puffed my way up a few hills.

Friday: 8.1 miles.  I met up with a few friends at 6am (sleeping in!!) for a run around town.  We kept an easy pace and the miles flew by.  And fortunately I didn’t have that dragging feeling that had been present the day before.

Saturday: 6 miles in the South Chagrin Reservation with Rachel and Julie.  I can’t say enough how much I enjoy these runs.  The three of us (plus Noemi and David) trained for the Cleveland Marathon together in 2015 and established a great running rapport and rhythm that made those late winter frigid runs fairly enjoyable (minus the frozen waterbottles).  We’ve continued to try and meet up periodically and we pick right up where we left off.

Sunday: 2 miles/ Christmas day tradition in my house always begins with quiet solo miles for me.  I really treasure this run for many reasons.  It’s an opportunity to have some alone time which is rare with the days festivities.  The town I live in is bizarrely quiet as I run through the neighborhoods as people are just rising for the day.  This year the weather was a comfortable 32 degrees and I savored my time out alone as the world was just beginning to wake up. As soon as I got home, Liam woke up so it was perfect timing!

We later went on our traditional Christmas Day hike

Total Mileage: 27.1

Total Donuts-0!!

Total kettlebell workouts-1.  Definitely need to increase this


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