Goals: Putting it All Out There

I recently read some social psychology research which asserted that by sharing a goal in public, whether it’s directly to a friend, in a Facebook post, or on a public blog, statistically you are less likely to meet that goal versus not sharing it at all.  It goes against the commonly held belief that by telling others, you are more likely to meet the goal because others are holding you accountable, providing support, and even completing the goal just to “save face”.  Dorothy over at Mile-Posts recently wrote an interesting post about running and social media in which she discussed the phenomenon of completing a tough race rather than DNF’ing because “I did it for the Insta.”  Sometimes it seems takes that external gain to keep going although research shows differently.

I say all this because I’ve hesitated to share my 2017 race goals for fear that putting it out there in the universe will somehow karmic-ally come back to me in a negative way.  Maybe it’s because it’s such a big goal that somehow I fear that any little thing will derail it and I need all the good universe vibes I can get here.

I don’t consider myself a great runner.  I’m a middle packer who has seen some improvement in race times over the years but overall, I think I’m pretty average.  I have yet to have a “great” marathon where everything falls into place and have completed just one race beyond the marathon distance.  All of these thoughts plagued me as I decided to sign up for the longest race of my life: Burning River 50

I’ve participated in BR in some form or another over the last few years.  In 2014 I volunteered overnight at Botzum Aid Station (mile 91 for the hundred milers) and was in awe of every single runner who came through.  And in 2015 and 2016 I captained an 8 person relay team.  I also crewed longtime friend and running partner Leighanna at her first 50 miler there in 2016. I’ve run almost every inch of the course from the first steps leaving Squires Castle, to the last mile on Front Street.  I truly love this race and the community it draws in.

As the title of my blog suggests, I have big ultra goals and dreams.  I have known for a few years that I’d like to run a 100 at some point.  50 miles is the first step to that goal.  I had planned on waiting until 2018 or 19 before committing but after talking to my husband, we decided that now is ok.  Our son will be almost 4 come race day and I think that the longer I wait, the busier our life will get.  So rather than waiting until Liam is older, it makes more sense to do it now.  We talked through what training will look like and it seems like it’s doable.  The long runs are obviously longer than a typical marathon training long run but otherwise, I am going to keep training similar to marathon training-two short (5-7 mile) runs during the week, 1 longer weekday run, 1 long run on Saturday, 1 recovery 8-10 mile run on Sunday.  This is very similar to a marathon training cycle for me.  I think I’ll peak at 10 miles or so higher than my average marathon peak.  I’ll also complete 1 trail marathon and 1 50k in preparation for race day.  I like incorporating a few races into training as it really seems to break up the monotony of the training cycle.

So that’s it.  There are my goals.  Right out there in the universe.  Actually more like 5 or 6 people who regularly read this blog (Hi Leighanna!!) Can’t wait to document my journey!


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