Last’s Weeks is a dangerous place!

The last week of 2016 was a great run for running.  I had a few more days off scattered throughout the week so I made sure to fully utilize my time off to get some end of year miles in.  I keep track of my mileage via an awesome Facebook group and the end of the year always brings a ton inspiring posts about yearly mileage. You may recall from my last post that I didn’t hit my goal, but I feel good about what I did do.

And as you can tell from this post title, ultrasignup is indeed a dark place to go with a credit card.  Before major damage was done, I registered for the races I planned to do….but I have my eye on a few more haha!

Here is what I have so far:

Mohican Marathon-June 17th-A tough race through the hills of Mohican State Park

Buckeye Trail 50k-July 8th-Billed as Northeast Ohio’s toughest 50k

Burning River 50 miler-July 29th-The big one for me!

And as for my training:

Monday: 3 easy miles and 30 minutes of kettlebell. Monday was one of those rare gorgeous winter days in NE Ohio.  The temps topped out in the mid 50’s though it was a bit overcast and misty for most of the day.  Nonetheless, I took advantage of the weather and got in a rare mid afternoon run.  It felt great to run outside with no gloves, no coat and no ear warmers.  Hopefully we will get a few more of these days this season.

Love this little section of pine trees 

Tuesday: Rest day (and my return to work)

Wednesday: 6 miles total.  I met up with my running group for a semi regular event called a dash n dine.  We meet for a quick run and than eat (clever title, I know). I ran a bit beforehand with a friend to get some extra mileage in.  I love these events-I always have the opportunity to meet people as well as some post run socialization.

Post run dinner 

Thursday: 5.5 total.  This was a mid morning track workout consisting of 1.5 warmup, 6×400 at 7.20 pace and a 1 mile cool down. I was able to use the gym childcare which Liam loves so it was a win win for both of us.

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 8.4 gorgeous trail miles in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  The trails were tough due to recent snow plus warm temps followed by re freezing.  The rocks in the ledges were a bit scary to navigate as they were covered with ice and some areas were just impossible to actually get any sort of leg turnover going on.  Nonetheless, I enjoyed this run immensely and was sad when we got back to the trailhead and our cars.

Btw same trail, 4 month difference. And apparently I take a lot of pics of my friends butts 

Sunday: 6.45 miles to start the year! I met up with my regular Sunday group for a run.  I started at 7:30am which is considered sleeping in for me so that was nice!

Total: 29.35 which is just about the sweet spot where running still feels fun. Hoping to start slowly increasing by about 10% over the next month or so in preparation for the next several months if training. 

Kettlebell workouts: 1 (there may have been more but I didn’t log it and I can’t remember).  I did purchase the next size up in kettlebells so that was exciting!

Days of macro counting-0. I did utilize MyFitnessPal to track but didn’t aim to hit my macros with the same intensity as the prior few weeks. I’m still really enjoying this process and will do a write up on the next few weeks


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