Training log-Go home Mother Nature, You’re Drunk!!

Quite the definitive statement in that title, eh? The theme of last weeks running for me was definitely extreme weather.  And wow can the weather shift quickly!! I had a great week of running and strength training and even fit in a fun little race which I’ll share a bit about tomorrow.

For now, here is what last week looked like:

Monday: Kettlebell routine plus isolated core work.  I did this workout from home at 5:30am which was so nice.  The majority of my workouts take place outside of my home so this was a nice change of pace. And because I didn’t travel anywhere to get to the workout, I was able to “sleep in”.  Plus I got to wear my comfy pajama pants which probably woudn’t fly at the gym.  So bonuses all around with this one!

Tuesday: Planned to meet Amy at the gym however because of some unexpected snow (unexpected for me at least), my car was stuck in the driveway and I had to bail.  All the local schools were cancelled and it was a slow commute to work.  However by the time I got home after work, it was significantly warmer and ALL of the snow had melted!

Wednesday: 6 easy miles @10.30avg pace.  Moved yesterday’s workout to today.  I ran indoors with Amy because after all of that snow melted, it FROZE! Black ice was everywhere.  The drive and walk in to the gym was a bit treacherous but thankfully, snow plows salted like crazy and the roads were drive-able by the time we finished up.

Thursday: 4.8 miles@9.59 avg pace.   And in today’s installment of crazy weather: It was a beautiful and very uncharacteristically warm 56° at 5am.  I was actually hot for the first 10 minutes.  And than… it started to rain, than pour, than torrentially pour, and finally sideways rain.  I cannot properly articulate just how much it rained during this run.  The water eventually reached ankle deep and the only thing to do was just laugh at the absurdity of it all.  I know the cars that drove by us certainly were! I finished the day with a KB workout at home before bed.

Feeling pretty badass in this pic

Friday: 5 total-  as 6×400 meter hill repeats.  And now back to freezing cold again! The temps were in the 20’s as Amy, Cate and I ventured out to my local hill repeat hill.  I negative split each repeat and ended with a 7.20 pace for the last repeat!

Post repeats

Saturday: I met my brother Andrew at a local Fleet Feet Running store for an Official Cleveland Marathon kick off run. We ran a 4 mile loop around the store and finished with coffee and bagels.  I got to catch up with fellow ambassadors Melissa, Stephanie, Joe, and Jessica which was great.

Post run with Andrew

With my fellow #runcle40 ambassadors

Sunday: I met up with Leighanna at the Ledges trailhead at 8am for our long run.  We did 10 total including that aforementioned race.  What a gorgeous day.  For as cold as it was, it was equally beautiful and I am once again reminded why I run.

Total miles: 29.8.  Still hanging out at the sweet spot and feeling fantastic.

Total strength: 2

Total Myrtl Routine: 2.  As I get back into heavy training, my goal is to do this 3-4 times per week


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