Dirty Snowflake Prediction Run-Race Recap

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I ran a little race as part of my long run on Sunday.  The Dirty Snowflake is one of several races in the yearly Dirty Trail Series which take place mostly in NE Ohio throughout the course of the year.  This race is unique in the aspect that the winner is not the person who runs the fastest, but the person who comes in closest to their predicted finishing time. The last place finisher has just as much of a chance as the first place finisher which is a great equalizer.  No watches or phones are allowed on the course so essentially, you run by feel.  Also there are no mile markers.

I met with longtime running friend Leighanna at 8am Sunday morning to run as much as we could before the race started at 10.  It was a cold morning with temps in the lower 20’s but sunny and clear.  It’s always so hard to leave the warmth of my car but within seconds of heading out, it became worth it because of this view:

We soon passed the Scenic Overlook at the Ledges:
And made our way to Pine Hollow with my favorite Sound of Music Hills:

Eventually we made our way back to the Ledges and over to the shelter/cabin area to meet up with friends and to pick up our bibs and our arm sleeves which were provided instead of a t shirt. I took the opportunity to fuel up and we made our way to the starting line about two minutes before the race started.

I arbitrarily predicted a race finish of 58 minutes which is about 14.30 mile.  It felt like a reasonable goal given some recent paces on the same trail a few weeks back.  The course is essentially one giant loop.  We started on the ledges trail, and basically stuck within that area, jumping over to the Pine Grove Trail and back to the Ledges.  It was a fairly simple course and all on trails that I am very familiar with including having run most of the trails that morning.  The time passed quickly and before I knew it, we were back to the start/finish area.

Leftover BR 50/100 mile markers. I’ll be seeing a lot of those in July!!

Check out these icicles- we had to watch for falling shards of ice in this section!

Bad news was that I came in over 8 minutes faster than predicted!!!! I guess when I’m not looking at my watch or taking pictures, I am actually capable of running faster! My friends Heather and Abbie came within 30 seconds of their finish time which just blows my mind! The winner however was 2 seconds off which is kind of crazy.  Is it sheer luck or an innate knowledge of ones body? Guess I’ll never know!
Leighanna and I did a one mile cooldown to round out the days mileage to 10 total.  What a great race-really looking forward to some more Dirty Trail Race Series in the future!


5 thoughts on “Dirty Snowflake Prediction Run-Race Recap

  1. I ran that too! It was my first ever predictor race and I was off by 1:17. Good enough for me but faaarrrrr from the win. LOL Super fun though. Just ran the Flirt with Dirt last weekend too!


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