Would you Rather….

Today I have a fun little running themed question and answer.  Think you know me now? Just wait until after you finish reading….

Would you rather….

Run a race in 15 degrees and sunny….or 80 degrees and cloudy?

This is an easy one for me-I’ll take the cold and sun any day.  Yes cold running requires a lot of layers but I’ve never run in weather where I don’t eventually warm up.  I’ve run in as cold as -10° below zero and although it was quite chilly, I did warm up.  And bonus if the sun is out-you are almost guaranteed to warm up at some point.  With a little clothing prep and planning, you are good to go.  If it’s 80°…yeah plan on staying hot because you will not get cooler!

DNF or DNS (did not finish or did not start)

I have a bad feeling about both of these scenario’s and unfortunately I’ve been on both sides.  If I had to choose (and for the purposes of this post, a choice is necessary), I choose to DNS.  My DNF at the 2015 Buckeye Buster left me with some significant emotional turmoil and thus far, I am still questioning whether it was the right decision.  On the other hand, I DNS’ed the 20 mile drop last year due to looming injury and am very happy with that decision.

Forget deodorant or body glide

Without a doubt, I would rather forget deodorant.  My husband usually describes me as smelling like a pond when I finish a long run and part of me has a little moment of pride.  Chafing on the other hand-that shit is no joke! I have had some EPIC chafing (will spare you the details-you’re welcome) so needless to say, I have a stash of body glide that comes with me everywhere!

Run a doughnut mile or and ice cream mile

Ice cream headache anyone?? Doughnuts all the way for me!

Train through winter for a spring race, or train through summer for a fall race

In NE Ohio, we experience some pretty big temperature extremes-extremely cold and snowy winters, and hot and humid summers.  Both present significant training challenges.  I’ve trained for marathons in both hot and cold conditions so I definitely see the pro’s and cons of each-sleeping in during winter training is nice versus starting super early in the summer to avoid the heat.  More daylight in the summer is great and I feel like it allows for more miles.  So with that, my choice is two fold- I prefer to train for a road marathon during the winter where treadmills and indoor tracks are readily available and I like to train for a trail marathon during the summer when the trails are cool and shaded by the trees. Is choosing both a cop out?

Treadmill for an hour or track for an hour

If you know me, you know my answer is hands down the track-I love that thing.

Blister or chafe

I feel like these kind of fall in the same category but I would rather chafe as you can always throw down a layer of vaseline or body glide to prevent more damage.  Blisters are a bit trickier-once they’re there, they’re there for the long haul.

So now that you know a little more about me, it’s your turn: 

Doughnuts or ice cream

DNF or DNS-seriously interested to see how others feel about this one


4 thoughts on “Would you Rather….

  1. 1. I will even take -10 and sunny to 80 degrees any day. Don’t like warm weather running.
    2. Agree. DNS left me a more positive feeling than DNF. You only waste the registration fee with DNS but you waste both the fee and effort to get to the start line in DNF
    3. Deodorant. Chafing sucks more than smelly armpit (at least to you) lol
    4. DOUGHNUT!!!
    5. I don’t like both chafing and blister…>_<
    This is fun!

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