Training Log-all about that base 

Another week of very moderate mileage. I am loving the flexibility that comes with being in the off season. With that being said, my training plan for the next several months is all written and officially kicks off at the end of February!! Until then, I’ll continue to run 4/5 days a week with one day of speed and one long(ish) run, the rest easy miles. 

In other running news, I think I’m also going to somewhat “lay low” on a few saturdays and not run at all. This is very uncharacteristic of me as I’ve basically run every weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) for the last 6+ years  (minus a few weeks off after c section and herniated disc recovery.) Even if it’s a few miles on a treadmill, I always start my weekend day with a run. I’m doing this very intentionally as once training officially commences, I won’t be able to do this at all. 

Monday: Running rest day. I did an awesome KB hiit workout that had my quads sore until Wednesday!

Tuesday: 5.5 at the track with Amy @10.30 avg pace 

Wednesday: 6 total-1 up, 4 fast tempo, 1 down. Last mile was at 8.50 pace and felt fantastic 

Thursday: 5 miles with my regular 5am group. I positive split every single mile on this run thank you that tempo run 13 hours prior- whoops!

Friday: KB workout 

Teeny muscles popping through 

Saturday: 5.6 trail miles with a friend. I met up with my friend one of my favorite trailheads, about 20 minutes from home. We loosely set out to see some of the sights on the buckeye trail. 

Deer lick cave

We then worked our way through some of the accessory trails and made our way back to our cars. The temps were in the mid 40’s to start which was perfect muddy trail running weather. 
I later hiked for two hours with my husband. One of those hours was spent with a 25 pound toddler on my back which I’m counting for crosstraining 🙂 

Sunday: 3.25 stroller miles. I was planning on an 8/9 mile road run but I heard my son get up as I was getting ready. Instead of continuing with my running plans, I decided to cancel so as to give my husband the chance to sleep in. Chris is so supportive of my running goals but I think that if a run can be skipped (and right now is the time it can) I need to skip it and focus on family. A few hours later, we all went out for a short 3.25 miles which ended at a coffee shop. And once again it was a gorgeous January day so we took the opportunity for another hike. Again I carried Liam for about an hour (he even fell asleep on my back!) We hiked in a pretty technical area with a ton of hills so once again, another great glute workout! 

Total miles: 24.85

Total hiked miles: 6

Also, if you are still planning on registering for the Cleveland Marathon, go check out Andrew’s giveaway!! 


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