Training log-#runCLE40 training update, and 24 hour runs

A long long time ago, actually maybe 5 months ago, I was wait listed for a local 24 hour race. I wasn’t exactly sure where I was on the wait list but  I suspected that I might have been one of the first but I never followed up with the race director to check my status. In the meantime, I’ve continued to run about 30 MPW and started to configure my plan for the Burning River 50 in July.  A few weeks ago, I started to have some thoughts that IF I got in to this 24 hour race, maybe I would go for it.  After all, it’s an entire day to run as much OR as little as you want.  Everyone who has participated, paced or volunteered for this race has shared that it’s about as supportive as it gets. Plus it’s essentially one big 24 hour ultra running party.

Well you guessed it, I was actually number 1 on the wait list so when the time came, I pulled the trigger and registered.  The race is at the end of April and like most 24 hour races, it’s a one mile loop.  I haven’t had a chance to take a look at how my training will change but I think it’s safe to say I’ll have some big long training runs coming up.  I think I’ll most likely max out at 22 miles or so but have a few big back to back long runs.  If i’m really feeling crazy, maybe I’ll do a midnight long run just to simulate running while fatigued.  Although as a regular 5 am runner, I have a pretty good idea of what running while tired feels like.

I have some really big goals for this race but it’s hard to say if they’ll be achievable.  I would love to get to the “Endurance Award” level which is a total of 72 miles with at least one mile per hour.  Broken down, this is 3 miles per hour which in theory should be very achievable as long as I am solid with nutrition, hydration and no major injuries occur.  This means no extended breaks and definitely no naps.  It’s been a while since I pulled an all nighter (see the Burning River Relay 2016) and I was not the most pleasant person around hour 21.

So that is my big news!! My heart hasn’t really settled down since finding out.  I’m mostly excited but also a bit trepidatious which is probably totally normal.  Hell, I’m a therapist and I’m declaring it totally normal!

Ok, so here is what last week looked like:

Monday: KB-starting to see some bicep action and I know those swings are doing wonders for the ol’ glutes and hips.

Tuesday: 5.07 miles with my regular weekday 5am group.  I haven’t made a Tuesday group run in a while but with warmer temps and a great group of inspiring women, I couldn’t say no.  It was misty to start and ended in a a complete downpour but as always, I enjoyed myself.  Pace was just under a 10 minute mile.

Wednesday: 7 total-1 mile warmup, 7×800 with 400 recovery and 1 mile cooldown.  My lungs and legs were screaming at me by the end but it was a solid workout with negative splits.

Thursday: 4 slow recovery miles. I don’t know my pace but worked hard to keep my HR in zone 3.

Friday: Strength circuit involving a combo of TRX, battleropes, medicine balls and free weights and a 2 mile slow cooldown on the track.

Saturday: Plan: 12-14 total trail. Actual: 10 total hybrid of trail and road.  The conditions on Saturday were the perfect confluence of our recent warm weather system and subsequent cooling.  By Saturday morning, the trails were super muddy from the warming but utterly covered in a re frozen snowy icy mix. The effect was like stepping through a sheet of ice buy landing in huge shoe sucking mud puddle.  Not as fun as it sounds.  We pushed it to 10k and switched to the inner paved loop which was seriously icy but infinitely easier.  My legs were super sore which also was likely due to my new zero drop shoes which I LOVE so far.

Sunday: 5 total miles alternating the stroller with my husband.  Chris has recently shown an interest in running, specifically the 5k distance and has set some pretty ambitious speed goals for himself.  He’s slowly building his mileage and strength and I am loving our little Sunday tradition of a short run followed by coffee.  The conditions weren’t ideal but we made the most of the rain and gray sky.

Totals: 33.7-my highest mileage in weeks!

Total Myrtl routines: 2-still need to working on getting 3 in there.

Total Strength workouts: 2

Total number of 24 hour races registered for: 1 eeek!!

Donuts: still whole 30’ing so a big zero! I’m on day 15 today and still having sugar cravings. I’m not giving in but seriously when are the cravings going to subside!? I want ALL the donuts!


3 thoughts on “Training log-#runCLE40 training update, and 24 hour runs

    • It is so nice to be able to share this with him! He has been a long time supporter of me and I can’t wait to be there for him as he meets his running goals!


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