Hill Repeat Ramblings

I was running hills with longtime BRF Amy this morning when she looks over  at me just as we are approaching the peak intensity of the repeat and shouts “you’ve got this!” It struck me as interesting because at the time of this comment, I was doing some mental math as I was trying to figure out how many miles 10 x 1200 equals.  As I was working on mentally carrying the 1 and moving the decimal, Amy was reminding me that I was in fact running a hill repeat and appeared to be slowing down due to the distraction of my  aforementioned mental math problem.

As I was later recounting to her why I was slowing down and the thoughts that than followed, it occurred to me how peculiar our thoughts are when we are just doing everything we can to stay upright and finish the job.

So here is an honest account of my thought process this morning during my repeats and cooldown:

Hmmm how many miles is 10 x 1200? Is it 3.4? No that’s not right, it’s more like 10 miles but not quite because a mile is 1600….oh shit Amy is telling me to keep going, I must be slowing down.

Oh crap, I am slowing down.  My legs feel like lead weights.  Well you are on repeat number 6, what do you expect?  I wonder if I’ll make it to the top.  What if I don’t?

Ok, you are almost at the top, legs feel good, legs feel great, I can do this. No I can’t, I cannot do this. Did that mailbox move? I swear the top of the hill was closer last time. Ok back on track, keep going. OMG I just tasted my breakfast.

Where’d that guy with the dog go? Why did he just stand there watching us? Why am I apologizing to him for his barking dog? Dammit I am a feminist and I do not apologize for myself for other’s peoples barking dogs.  But on the other hand, my running past the dog 85 times probably set him off.  Oh damn the dog is barking again.  Why is he not doing anything.  Ok focus Sara, do not let a damn dog screw up your repeat.  Feminism is hard sometimes

Wait is this the 7th or 8th repeat? I know I screwed up the timing on at least one repeat but now I’m lost.  It’s 7.  No 8.  Amy knows.  I can’t ask her because we are in the middle of the damn repeat. Hill repeats hurt so bad.  Why do I keep doing this to myself.

Did I plan anything for dinner? 

Are hill repeats even all that helpful? Maybe I shouldn’t be doing these.  Yeah I shouldn’t do these anymore.

We’re done, we’re done, we did it!! I feel amazing and I love hill repeats.  I’m only going to run hill repeats from now on! 

And post run as we are cruising in to Amy’s driveway…

Wow, I couldn’t have done that without Amy’s encouragement. I want to nominate her for BRF.  Is that a thing? Can I do that?

Legs feel like lead. URGH hill repeats are the best/worst.  I won’t be able to get up the stairs for 2 days.  No more hill repeats. Ok maybe some more but not for a while.

This post was totally inspired by and dedicated to Amy who truly is an amazing friend that takes the time to eek out a word of encouragement as she see’s me struggling with math problems during workouts-love you!


7 thoughts on “Hill Repeat Ramblings

  1. I am so impressed that you remember all of those thoughts. By the time I finish, I usually only remember one or two and the rest become like those dreams where you wake up knowing you had dreams but forgetting the details😂😂 Although, I guess it depends on how miserable I am. It seems the tougher the workout, the more thoughts I recall.

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    • Today was one of those tough workouts so the thoughts were pretty vivid! I do enjoy those long slow runs where everything just blurs together and you can zone out and enjoy the miles 🙂


    • We make a great training team! Cheers to many many more years of hill repeats, long runs and the occasional mention of vigilante runners on the roundtable 🙂


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