Training Log-give me all the miles

Now that I am in like Flynn for the Outrun 24 (24 hour run) on April 29 and 30th, it is imperative that I start safely increasing mileage which means that going forward, the mid week runs get a bit longer in addition to my Saturday long run.  I was planning on increasing mileage for these upcoming races:

  • Cleveland Marathon: May 21, 2017 (may now drop to the 1/2 but won’t decide until after O24)
  • Mohican Marathon: June 17, 2017
  • Buckeye Trail 50k: July 8, 2017
  • Burning River 50 miler: July 29, 2017.

So basically I am just shifting training and starting to increase mileage now rather than in a few weeks. If you followed my blog as I was training for the Columbus and Run with Scissor Marathons, you may recall that I loosely follow a training plan but am definitely not married to anything set in stone.  I have a general running rhythm/routine that I like to follow which looks like:

  • Monday-Strength
  • Tuesday-5-7 easy or hills
  • Wednesday-6-8 easy
  • Thursday-5-7 workout of some sort, usually intervals
  • Friday-Strength
  • Saturday-Long run
  • Sunday-recovery run 3-10 miles

Leighanna,  who you may recall is a longtime best friend and running partner recently wrote me a training plan for Burning River which follows my “outline” of how I like to train.  Basically it just puts the schedule on an actual calendar which isn’t something I’ve used since my first marathon in 2012

I still keep my original written training plan for that race in my office.  Back then, I ran 4 days per week and did little to no strength or core work.

Ok here is what last weeks workouts looked like:

Monday: Actually totally off-took a full rest day with no running or strength and it was glorious!

Tuesday: 8 total over 2 runs-5 in the  morning with 8 x 1 minute hill repeats and 3 miles later in the evening with my husband and son to celebrate Valentines Day at our local running store.

Wednesday: Unexpected rest day-the truth is I didn’t feel like running after running twice the day before.

Thursday: 6 mile tempo-1 up, 4 at fast tempo pace, 1 down.  I hate tempo runs because they are just hard dammit but this was perfectly executed and I felt really good.

Friday: Another rest day and I loved it!

Saturday: 14.  I LOVED this run.  It was a bright and beautiful morning, with temps in the low 40’s to start.  This is the weather I’ve been dreaming about for months! I met Rachel, my brother, and a few new and old friends for a tour of Downtown Chagrin Falls and the surrounding area.  CF is a beautiful small town with lots of challenging rolling hills, a brick road, and even a bear! I felt great throughout, although I had to decline when Rachel suggested a mid run fartlek-No thank you!

Look a bear!

Sunday: 3 stroller miles.  As has been our “thing” the last few weeks, Chris and I slept in, loaded Liam up and took off for a short stroller run.  Chris decided to test his fitness by running at a faster pace whereas Liam and I took it very slow, stopping to check out construction equipment and take in the sights on the towpath.  My legs felt like bricks after my 14 miler the day before (plus 2 hour hike while wearing Liam on my back) but it felt good to be out in the warm air and flush my legs out.

Total: 31

So plan will be to increase by 10%ish week to week and see how it feels!


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