Week in Review-Crazy Weather and Post Whole30 Pains

Last week definitely did not go as planned!! From crazy weather to a post Whole30 hangover, last week did not pan out as I had planned/hoped.  But what choice is there but to roll with the punches?  If anything, it’s a practice of patience and acceptance and a little of that never hurts! Freaking out over missed/changed runs has never helped me in the past and in the end, I know that one week of training does not make or break a race. Consistency is key when you’re in it for the long run (pun intended.)

Monday: Rest as per my usual

Tuesday: 5 total- 1 mile warmup, 8 hill repeats, 1 mile cooldown. HILLS! So many hills! I focused on increasing my pace with each split, maintaining good form and leg turnover.  Goal achieved!! Also, hills with friends is so much better than hills alone! My calves burned after 8 repeats of a .13 mile hill but I see myself getting stronger each week.

Wednesday: 3.34 total out of 8 planned track miles.  This is where things started to go slightly off kilter. The weather was funky heading in to the gym with storms forecasted throughout the day.  At about 3 miles in, I got an emergency alert text.  When I stopped to read the text, I noticed that everyone around me had done the same-stopped to look at their phones.  I then heard the tornado siren and headed into the gym’s cardio area which has several TV’s always tuned to local news stations.  Most of the 5am gym goers had stopped to check the news and the consensus was that it was probably safe to return to our workouts and that the “real” weather was still a ways off.  The tornado siren had stopped so Amy and I went back to the track. A few minutes later, the siren started again and at that point, I made the decision to go home.  Once at home, we woke Liam and headed to the basement. After 20 stressful minutes, we got the all clear and I decided to get ready for work. I debated whether to try and finish my workout later in the day but decided that 5 ish miles wasn’t worth the stress of figuring out where to fit it in. Side note: I Just found out that after we left, everyone still at the gym was forced to take shelter in a locker room!

Thursday: 5.1 9.37avg with my local MRTT Thursday 5@5 group.  I stuck with the fast girls who kicked my butt in the best way!

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Ugh this run.  I made it 14.5 out of 18 planned due to illness.  I think I’ve figured out what happened-after 30 days with no dairy, I ate plain greek yogurt on the two days leading up to my long run.  On the day of the run, I battled nausea and intense stomach cramping that would ebb and flow.  The pain increased when I ran uphill/exerted extra effort which was unfortunate as we had chosen a very hilly route.  I am so fortunate that my friends stayed with me and ensured that I made it safely through our run.  I finally accepted a ride back to my car and was grateful to be done. I’m pretty sure that this is a sure sign that after 30 days without dairy, my body cannot deal with it. Back to dairy free for me.

Smiling but feeling awful

Sunday: 3 stroller miles.  I joined up with a free fun run in Cleveland sponsored by The Runiversity and Mitchell’s Ice Cream.  It was a prediction run which utilized two of the most challenging bridges in Downtown Cle, and once again I came in faster than I anticipated.  I ran with my brother who is always amazing at helping me push the stroller up the big hills.  Chris ran as well and came in just about on his target time! Plus free ice cream post run-can’t beat that! We had an amazing post run brunch-so basically I did everything I aspire to do on Sundays-run, ice cream, family time, brunch!

Total: 30.94.  Way off my target of 40 but that’s the way it goes.

I will count this as a cutback week and next week begin to enter the peak weeks for 024!

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