Week in Review-My Highest Mileage Week (EVER!!) and My First 10k

50ish miles-yep my highest weekly mileage ever. Caveat-I only started tracking mileage in mid 2014 despite beginning to run in 2010.  It’s possible that I have hit 50 miles in the past and just don’t know it. I am very low key when it comes to tracking-simple iphone notes for me.  I’ve tried Strava and DailyMile in the past but they’re not for me.

And now that it’s Wednesday of the week after this high mileage week, I can say that I am definitely exhausted.  And hungry.  Very very hungry.

Ok, without further ado, here is my last week of training:

Monday: Day off

Tuesday: 13.1 total.  I ran 8 easy by myself in the morning and then later met a friend for 5.1.  Double run days are crucial to really get some solid time on my feet but unfortunately, they are hard to coordinate with my schedule.  Plus I am exhausted afterwards!

Wednesday: 5 slow and easy treadmill miles.I took it deliberately very easy and just relaxed for the most part.  I rarely use the treadmill so it’s actually not an awful experience.

Thursday: 6 total-1 up, 4 tempo, 1 down.  I’m starting to be able to comfortably run harder during the tempo portion of these runs.  Speed is definitely paying off.

Friday: Off

Saturday: A very early 5 miles with my friend Margaret.  We were out to see the sunrise which was gorgeous and made the sub zero windchill and fierce headwind kind of worth it. Plus I made it home before everyone woke up so it’s kind of like I never even left! This balancing ultra training thing is so much fun!

Sunday: 21.3 total.  What a fun long run! I met Leighanna early sunday morning (it felt like 4:20 because of this time change) to run as many miles as we could before it was time to head to a nearby race.  We ran 13 miles, quickly changed at the gym (That’s a lie-I changed in the car) and headed over to nearby Legacy Village for the Kiss Me I’m Irish 10K.   My intention was to play it nice and slow and keep the last 10k at LSD pace.  Goal achieved-I felt fantastic the entire way. Finish time was something like 1.05.  I ran with Leighanna and our friend Ashley and eventually my husband Chris who joined us for the last mile (he ran the 5k and came in 4th in AG!) And yes, in all of my years of running, I have never run a 10k.  They aren’t super common around here so that is part of it, but the other reason is that I am incredibly intimidated by the distance.  And while I didn’t run this as a race, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope to try again for an earnest PR.  Post race,  I ran 2 cooldown miles to reach the daily goal mileage before heading over to meet even more friends for brunch.  Could not have had a better run!

Total: 50.4

Goal for this week: between 45-50.  I don’t know that I’ll be able to recreate a mid week half marathon due to time constraints but I hope to have one more big mileage week before cutting back the following week.


4 thoughts on “Week in Review-My Highest Mileage Week (EVER!!) and My First 10k

  1. 50 miles are amazing! I’m so happy for you. It’s insane how people who also have full time jobs and families find time to train for an ultra marathon. Schedule-wise, I don’t think i can do that for now. Maybe a future goal 🙂 I enjoy reading your blog because it gives me motivation to get my butt out of the bed in the morning ❤


    • Thank you so much Sydney! And your running has been inspiring me for months-you are a natural on the trails! Can’t wait to see what this next racing season has in store for you!


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