Week In Review….Procrastination Edition

I’m a little bit behind the curve in publishing this but I thought better late than never.  Training for a 24 hour race has been a challenge in time management.  I love to train for long events but there is a downside which is the fatigue that comes after big weeks.  Prior to last week, I ran my highest mileage week ever.  And then last week hit and I felt what I can only describe as a “run hangover”.  Physically I felt fine-legs felt good, energy was good during running.  But I felt sooooo tired and hungry each day! Waking up early as you’ll see in my log became a big issue.  I’ve experienced this phenomenon before and anticipate that it’s something that will continue as I advance my training. Fortunately I am seasoned enough to know that missing a run or two won’t impact me overall and flexible enough to shift things around.

Here is a look at my last week of training:

Monday: Much needed rest day

Tuesday: An unispired 6 miles.  This run felt neither good, nor bad.  Just kind of lacking the motivation to do it.  I didn’t track pace but focused on maintaining an easy feel.  It’s nice to run “naked” sometimes. I added 6×30 strides at the end and it was only until I started running a bit faster that I felt more “awake.”

Wednesday: Unscheduled rest day. The alarm went off at 4:15a and I turned it off.  Nice to do that every now and then.

Thursday: I had planned a solo treadmill run with mile repeats.  I was just about to start my 3rd repeat when Amy walked into the gym, completely surprising me after two weeks abroad! Her jet lag wouldn’t allow any sleep (thanks 16 hour time difference!!) so she joined me at the gym and she helped me pound out 10 miles.  Catching up took precedence over mile repeats so I only got 2 in beofre just switched to an easy pace.  We chatted the rest of the way and it was just a wonderful run.

Friday: Another day of “sleeping in.” Again, the alarm went off at 4:15a and I just didn’t have the willpower to get out of bed. I did run in the afternoon-4miles at an easy pace.

Saturday: I met with my friend Robin very early saturday morning for a short run in the hilly South Chagrin Reservation.  We ran 6 total miles.  It was a really foggy and misty morning which made everything look very ethereal once it got light out. Also, it had snowed the night before which I had no clue about so I was a bit unprepared for the snowy all purpose trail.  We ran at an easy comfortable pace and caught up on life, Robin’s powerlifting and running plans.

Sunday: 15.5 total at the Buzzard Day 25k

Total for the week: a whopping 41.5 which represents about a 20% drop from the week prior.  Not a intentional but will call this a cutback week. I have enough training time to shift things around for the next few weeks and than a much needed taper!

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