Week in Review- Run All the Miles Edition 

Wow, it’s monday and I’m writing my training log! New record for me! I had another record breaking mileage week although only by one mile.  Nonetheless, I felt great and am feeling increasingly hopeful about my prospects at O24.  The idea of being out for 24 hours sounds downright frightening at times but just as quickly, I am able to flip the switch and see the allure of this type of event.  Looking at it from another angle, running/walking for 24 hours is something that gets my heart pumping excitedly.  The notion of truly putting oneself to the test and leaving it all out there is really attractive to me. I want to leave my heart out on the trail and push myself mentally in ways I haven’t yet experienced. Humans are capable of some amazing things and I’m excited to dig deep! 

 This weekend had some big mileage and while I’m ready for a rest day and a lighter week overall, I’m thrilled with how everything went.

Monday: A much much needed rest day.  I was sooooo sore after the Buzzard Day 25k.  My body truly felt as if I had run a road marathon.  My quads felt destroyed, my calves were spent and even my core was feeling it-all very typical for a road marathon for me. I am attributing this to the tough course conditions and possibly the fact that I hadn’t run on trails for a few weeks prior.

Tuesday: 6 slow and easy miles with Amy.  I started a bit earlier than Amy because I coudn’t sleep and I also suspected (rightly so) that the first few miles would be about waking my tired muscles up and flushing out the soreness.  I didn’t keep track of pace but it felt like a slow 10.30+ of I had to guess.

Wednesday: Still feeling tired, I opted for another rest day.

Thursday: 10 easy with Amy.  Again I focused on just keeping an easy pace.  I know that it’s not ideal to drop speed work right now but I’m also just trying to safely run higher mileage so I opted for a slower workout rather then my typical track session.

Friday: 5 treadmill with rolling hills.  I tried to mimic the pace and effort of an outdoor run.  This was not hill repeats but more just to keep my legs from getting too attached to the monotony of the flat surfaces I’ve been running.  I also finished watching Billy Yang’s new film “Life in a Day.” It’s a wonderful film about some inspiring women runners competing at the 2016 Western States.  I definitely cried at the end watching Kaci Lickteig win the race for the women.

Saturday: 20 total.  I ran 8 solo beginning at 5am and then joined regular running and training friends Rachel, and Eugenia on the flat Towpath Trail.  We ran 6 north where we picked up my brother Andrew and ran back to our start.  I ran this completely by feel as I accidentally left my watch at home.  I felt slightly angsty at first but accepted that I’m not in it to set PR’s right now so perceived exertion needs to be the indicator of my effort. We ended with our traditional breakfast which is about 50% of the reason why I am able to leave my house to run these days.

Sunday: 10.17 total.  I ran my first virtual race on Sunday to support the fight against cystic fibrosis.  A few members of my Sunday morning MRTT/SRTT running group decided to run this as it is a cause close to one of our members.  We had legit race bibs, t shirts and even a medal for participating.  And just like a traditional race, we had signs and the best cheering section you could imagine.  It felt wonderful to support this important cause and I look forward to making it a yearly event.

Total: 51.17

This week, I’ll be ramping down the mileage in preparation for one last big mileage week before taper.  I’m traveling this upcoming weekend so this break is coming at a good time.  Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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