Week in Review-The Week that Got Away

I’m sensing a trend in my training lately: high mileage week followed by a drastic dip the following week.  In the past, I’ve dealt with the fatigue and lack of motivation side of a training cycle but last week was more of a week where everything just got really adult-ey and life responsibilities just took over.  The details of my week don’t matter but what matters is that I needed to be present and available and I was able to do just that.

Life lately is one big sprint from 4am to 10pm with multiple balls being juggled and answering to and being needed by my toddler, my husband, my family, my friends and my patients.  Certain responsibilities are just that-responsibilities and thus cannot be dropped, forgotten, or pushed aside.  Running often weaves it’s way in and the workouts are completed but last week, there was no time for that.  I’m ok with that.  A long time ago, I wouldn’t have been.  I would have woken up at 3:xx to get it in or put aside another important obligation.

This week is my week to get back on track.  In the grand scheme of things, I think I’m actually pretty lucky that I have the support system available to manage all the unexpected life things that can crop up and ultimately, it’s just one week which does not make a trend.

Ok, so here is my week of minimal running (let’s call it a cycle down down down week)

Monday: I ran 1.15 just to scope out a loop I may use for a potential future long run.  I actually wanted to use Monday as a rest day so I just ran this at a very easy pace while my husband and son played on the nearby playground.

Tuesday: After spending a good chunk of Monday night in the Urgent Care with my son (thankfully with nothing too serious), I slept in on Tuesday morning and cancelled my run.

Wednesday: 8 total.  I ran 6 at and easy pace in the morning and 2 later on in the evening.  Other than my legs feeling dead for my second run, nothing notable about this.

Thursday: Unexpectedly off

Friday: 5 total.  Planned to run 14 to get my long run in as I was out of town on Saturday and Sunday.  My legs felt terrible from the start.  I gave myself about 55 minutes to get it together and I never felt better so instead of miserably gutting it out, I stopped and only felt guilty for 10-15 minutes.

Saturday: 35 minutes elliptical.  My plan was to run 6-8 on the hotel treadmill while I was out of town.  Unfortunately, the mill was broken.  Being in a new city, I didn’t feel comfortable taking off on the streets alone plus it was getting dark and I didn’t have a light.  I subbed the elliptial and just accepted it for what it was.

Sunday: Could not bring myself to do the elliptical again so off again.

Total: 19.5 plus 35 minutes of elliptical.  2 days of kettlebell strength training and 2 days of body weight strength training. So I cut my mileage by about 60%.  I think that on the plus side, I get a really decent amount of rest in my legs so hopefully this equals a really strong week as I peak for 024!


2 thoughts on “Week in Review-The Week that Got Away

  1. We all have ups and downs in our training due to many reasons (family, injury, or just plain low motivation). Glad to hear you took it easy last week. I hope you feel better now. Sorry to hear about your son in Urgent care 😦

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    • Thanks Sydney! Life just has a way of putting things in perspective sometimes. Looking forward to taper, that’s for sure!


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