Signs You May Be Going Crazy. Or Just Tapering

I’m at the last little bit of training before my first “A” race of the season.  I’m continuing to taper and the big day is in 4 days!  Over the years, I have become fairly “good” I’d like to believe at tapering.  I don’t suffer from the taper crazies in the same way I did as in my first years of running.  I do get bouts of self doubt that lead me to compare my training notes year over year but those moments rarely last.

But, this feels different.  Tapering for my  first 24 hour race has brought out all of these weird signs, symptoms and behaviors that I like to believe are all part of the craziness we experience prior to the big day.

Am I crazy or am I tapering?? Let’s find out. Also, read through to find out info on how to enter my Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon giveaway!!

  • Dreaming of your race.  Yep, this is happening almost nightly at this point.  I most recently had a dream where it took me 8 hours to finish a single 1 mile loop due to getting lost, having my car stolen, not eating enough than eating too much and finally making it to the race.  I finished my loop as the first 100k finisher came through.  I also was pushing my son in his running stroller.  It’s all a dream Sara, it’s a dream (repeat several times).
  • Freaking out over every ache, pain and niggle.  So far, I have experienced re herniated discs, an infected toenail and pink eye.  Not really but these are some of the things I thought I might have had in one night between my crazy dreams.  Fortunately I have experienced no such things but it doesn’t keep my mind from wandering over in phantom injury land.
  • Eating all the food.  Yep, this actually is happening.  Lots of food has been consumed under the guise of “I need this for my glycogen stores.” Yeah, you tell yourself that with your 4th slice of pizza….mmkay we’ll see how that works out. I also have been finding myself drinking excessive amounts of fancy Starbucks drinks, again for the ‘ol carb stores.  As a black coffee girl, this is weird for me.
  • Making a list and checking it twice.  And a third time.  Fourth time.  You see where this is going. I have sooooo much gear that I *think* I may need during the 24 hours of running.  Really though I have no clue what I’ll actually need so I’m just going to bring it all.
  • Feeling really emotional.  I have cried to my BRF Leighanna no less than 2 times in the last week as we’ve talked about what I’ll feel like during the later stages of the race. I feel intensely emotional thinking about all of the feelings one can experience at an event of this magnitude. The tears are of the exciting anticipatory nature and not of the freaking out what have I signed myself up for type of thing.  For now.  That’ll probably change somewhere along the line.

In a nutshell, life is a little crazy right now.  I just keep reminding myself to stay in the moment and when I need to, visualize myself running the course feeling relaxed.  That seems to help.  So the verdict is…..not crazy, just tapering!

Don’t forget to check out my instagram for info on how to enter to win an entry to the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, half, 10k and 5k!


8 thoughts on “Signs You May Be Going Crazy. Or Just Tapering

  1. arrrrr I hear you. I would feel like that before an A race, too. Tapering is good for your body but is hard mentally. I had been worried about the aches and eating all the food but not yet dreamed about the race 🙂 You got this.
    p.s. I don’t think I can go to cheer you on at O24. Found out I have a deadline on Saturday before the marathon on Sunday 😦 Will be looking at Amy’s updates about your race ❤ Good luck!

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  2. Oh my goodness!!!! I am sooo glad I’m not just going crazy and I’m nowhere near tapering yet! As soon as I dropped the money for the entire Akron Race series I started waking up from dreams about forgotten gear and other things that might go wrong on race day (dressed incorrectly, you name it!).


    • Running makes us do some crazy things!! Excited for you to do the Akron series-I’ve heard so many good things about it!


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