Week(s) In Review-24 hour Race Tapering

I skipped last weeks review because frankly, it was kind of boring.  I ran a little, rested a lot and had a great freaking time.  Week 1 of taper, I ran 4 days and cut my mileage down to 27 miles.  Week 2 of taper, I ran 4 days and cut my mileage further down 23 miles total. I felt really good with the cutback and I know my husband and son appreciated having me around more.  It also felt so nice to be home and back by 9am on my long run days.  Quite the contrast to when I didn’t return home until 1pm ish after my 24 miler. And it was nice to get a few hours of extra sleep-never going to complain about that!!

Here is a little closer look at my last two weeks of training

Week 1 of taper

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 5@5 at a comfortable 10.11 pace

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 5@5 with fartleks.  We did an “Indian” style run (I hesitate to use that term but I really don’t know another way to describe it-message me if you have another name!) wherein you run single file, the last runner sprints to the front, repeat until everyone is dying.  We also were feeling really crazy and did our usual loop in a different direction, I know, we are craaaazy!

Friday: Off

Saturday: 13 easy with some hills.  I met up with some of my longtime running friends and some new ones as well.  We alternated with various 3 and 4 mile loops and I ran the last 4 on my own.  It was a beautiful day and I felt really good as I completed the run.

Sunday: 4 total trading off the stroller with my husband.

Best part of this run was this sign-it’s a prom-posal!


Week 2 of taper

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 5@5 at a slightly faster 9.30 avg pace.  One of our members had her middle miles at a slightly faster pace so we all decided to hang with her.  Spontaneous tempo runs for the win!

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 5.6-I did a 1 mile warmup, 3×1 mile at HMP with 400 recovery, and a 1 mile cooldown.  And it was hot and humid at 5am-signs of things to come!

Friday: Off

Saturday: 10 total-probably ran the first 8 faster than I should’ve but I was enjoying the company.

Sunday: 3 total.  This was actually a really fun group run.  Part run, part baby sprinkle for two of our running group members.  It reminds me how lucky I am to have met this group of women who been there for me for so many miles and so many cups of coffee. Loved celebrating our fellow members as they welcome new babies.

So that is the last two weeks of my running.  This will probably be my last post before 024! If you know me in real life, please feel free to send texts, pics, encouragement to keep going, and reminders that I’m not dying during the race.  Otherwise, I’ll see you all on the other side!

And if you haven’t done so yet, check out my Instagram for info on how to enter to win an entry to the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon!


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