Reverse Taper Week 1

Last we left off, I was a few days post race and planning on heading out for 30-40 minutes of easy effort running.  I met up with Amy at the gym on Thursday morning.  I had hoped to run outside but with chilly temps and rain, the gym sounded way more appealing.  In hindsight it was a good decision to meet there because sure enough I felt a twinge pretty early on.  Twinge turned to niggle, niggle turned to ache and eventually ache turned to pain.  It was clear that I had suffered a bit of a strain in my hamstring area.  After the majority of the soreness faded 24-28 hours post race, my lower hamstring remained a bit sore so it is no surprise that that is the area that flared up during my first run. I may have spoken too soon when I said I was feeling good just 3 days post race last week! Damn karma!

So I rested a few more days and on Saturday, went out for another short easy effort.  And sure enough, the hamstring twinge returned.  This time, I was actually out and about and couldn’t turn back easily.  I did complete the 3 miles I had planned and other than the hammie, felt pretty good. It didn’t alter my gait and pain didn’t exceed 3-4/10 but I was aware of it for about 90% of the time.  And I remained aware for the remainder of the day.  In an completely unexpected move, I even decided to cancel my long run for the following day which is sort of unusual for me.  It felt like the right thing to do and I’m glad I did it.

Smiling because I just ran! Classic basic jumping pose 
In thinking a bit through this, it seems like I’m still in the acute phase of recovery.  The internal damage I may have done with the amount of running I did at O24 is unprecedented for my body.  And as I mentioned last week, just like I had no idea what to expect as far as racing this distance goes, I also am pretty clueless about the recovery as well.  In addition to dealing with what I think is some pretty acute inflammation, I’m also dealing with an infection which I believe is due to a lower than usual immune system-I’ll spare you the details.

Plan for this week.  Weeellll today is Tuesday and I haven’t run since Saturday.  This is kind of a shock to my system but it’s been enjoyable to “sleep in” until 6 instead of 4:30. Tomorrow I am once again going to head out for an easy effort run.  My hope is that after 72 solid hours off, my hamstring will respond favorably.  Thursday I am going to go in for some dry needling which I’ve utilized pretty successfully in the past for some chronic shoulder pain.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get in a short-ish long run of about 10 or 11 miles this weekend which will at least mentally prepare me for the Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon the following weekend. I know it’s a bit odd to be questioning ones ability to run 13.1 miles after successfully running 63 miles. But that’s runners brain for you.

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