Week in Review + Let’s Get Serious For a Minute

The last week of training was a definite uptick in mileage which is a good sign at two weeks post race.  In a nutshell, I am recovering, reverse tapering, peaking, tapering and racing again.  That’s a lot!! All things considered it’s going pretty well.  I feel good and have no signs of overtraining; no fatigue, no lack of motivation, no strange illnesses.  The only issue is my calf/hamstring which still feels pretty tight.  I am wondering if wearing zero drop shoes for O24 may have contributed to that….

Anyway, here is a snapshot from my last week of training:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: A comfortable paced 5@5.  I had taken the two previous days off in hopes of helping with the calf soreness.  And while I did notice some tightness, it was much much less than it had been.

Thursday: 25 minute full body Kettlebell workout-boy were by quads sore at the end of this!

Friday: 5@5-another easy paced run with Amy around our little town.  We kept it fun paced and  even ran on a tiny trail!

Saturday: 10 at a very slow pace! My legs felt a bit sluggish but enjoyed the slow pace and the company.  Plus it was 45 degrees or so to start and sunny which of course led to a sunburn for me once again-I’ll never learn!

Sunday: I met up with some MRTT friends for a Mother’s Day dash and play.  It was mostly a play as the little ones wanted in on the playground action.  We squeezed in 2 miles on a local trail which was a good start to the day.

Total: 22-pretty good for 2 weeks out of the race!

Ok, and as the title suggests, I wanted to discuss something serious and personal to me.  I don’t think many of us can say we haven’t been touched by the burgeoning opiate epidemic.  For me, it’s something I face in my daily life as a social worker. In my personal life I’ve also lost friends and acquaintances and I’ve watched my best friend Leighanna lose her sister Megan.  Leighanna and I became close in late 2011 and we soon started running together.  We bonded over our love of coffee, trails , and adventures.  We have both overcome some significant hurdles in our lives and shared the pain of watching others not have the ability to conquer their own demons.  When Megan died of an accidental overdose in September 2015, my heart broke into as I watched Leighanna have to face the aftermath and cope without her sister. Watching Megan’s son learn to navigate this world without her has brought me to tears on many occasions.

Megan and Leighanna 

In a situation like this, it’s easy to feel powerless.  I know that I certainly do. In the spirit of trying to help others,  Leighanna has decided to raise money by doing what she does best-running.  In September 2017, Leighanna will attempt to run for 24 hours at Northcoast 24 Hour Endurance Run. All of the money she raises will be donated to the Red Tulip Project (https://redtulipproject.com/); which is a sober, safe and smart environment designed to help women with addiction in Geauga County where Megan was raised.  The goal is to help them recover from their disease and gain independence.

As Leighanna has shared “Addiction is a 24-hour disease, addicts die 24-hours a day and families receive news that loved ones have died 24-hours a day. The pain of addiction doesn’t sleep.” Please take a moment to check out the the Gofundme for this project: https://www.gofundme.com/in-memory-of-megan-e-stephenson  Consider donating whatever you can to this worthy cause.  Or donate your time to help others. Anything will help in this fight. And on September 16 – 17th you can guess where I’ll be; right next to Leighanna, supporting her through the hours as she runs to beat this disease!




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