What I Think About While Lifting Heavy Sh*t

A while ago, I wrote about the thoughts that cross through my mind during hard speed workouts.  I’ve been lifting in a consistent and coached manner for the last few weeks and I’ve noticed some interesting thoughts that although similar to running, have their own unique flavor.

Here are a few for your reading pleasure:

Does my breath smell? (this thought is unique to partner workouts when I am face to face with someone or my coach is inches away from my face making sure I don’t drop the bar on my head….thank god)

What is 5 more reps? It’s like 30 seconds of work, that’s nothing.  Holy shit this is insane! Why the eff would someone want me to do 5 more reps….I can’t do it!!! Who makes up these workouts?? The Gamemaker from the Hunger Games??

What if my pants split while I’m squatting? Does that ever happen? Is that something I need to be worried about? What color is my underwear today….just in case.

I love that I don’t need a supportive compression impossible to get over my head sports bra.  This is great to not have to worry about excessive bouncing because no running.  Oh shit, did the bar just hit my boobs? I think I need a supportive bra.

Running?? We get to run? Hell yeah, I’m actually good at that! Oh wait, it’s only 400 meters.  Boo

Did anyone just hear me grunt or was it in my head?

Why are my shoulders so small and weak? Seriously, they are child size.  I can’t lift anything over my head.

He wants me to lift that??? No effin way. Ok, I’ll lift it once but that’s it.  Just one time.  Wow, I can’t believe I lifted that!! I want to do it again!

Whoa, look at Amy go!! She is so freaking strong! Wait what, we are competing?? No, I want her to win! Wait, I want to win too! Ok, there can be two winners….yep, let’s go with that.

Do I need lifting shoes? Will lifting shoes make me stronger? Do they have some secret super power that will let me lift heavier? Oh shit, you just dropped the weight while thinking about your shoes.  Dammit, focus Sara

Is it a scientific fact that muscles will grow if you keep lifting things? I mean, am I always going to be this weak or will it change? I’m going to google that later.

Why did I wait so long to find a gym that will coach me on these things? I totally half assed lifting for YEARS.  Never doing that again

I did it! I am dripping sweat and my heart is pounding.  So what if I won’t be able to lift my arms over my head for a week….I did it.  I LOVE THIS!

Ok so there’s a bit of the insanity/hamster wheel of my head.  Is it crazy? Maybe but it’s truly authentic to me. Hope you enjoyed the free association!

Have I talked you into how fun lifting at EpiqX Fitness and Performance is yet? Come check it out for yourself if you’re local-first week is free!!

Btw-totally not a sponsored post.  I pay my own gym fees.  I just really love working out at EpiqX and I can’t wait to see how much stronger my running is (once I get back to running that is!)


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