I’m Back……Where to go from Here??

I did it! I successfully ran without pain or without triggering any sort of nerve activity!! I received the go ahead during my appointment Friday from my PT Amory, to begin running again.  We came up with a plan of how to approach running roads, running trails, and a general guide of how to return to training.  I initially planned to wait until Sunday to run with my regular group, however, on Friday night, I ended up running about 3/4 of a mile total in 200 meter increments during a fun event at EpiqX.  Although I’m not sure Amory would have approved having that as my return to running, I nevertheless felt really good.  And emotionally, it felt pretty damn good as well.  Being able to complete the workout as it’s written is not always an option for me with this injury, but last Friday, i was able to do just that and it felt amazing!! Plus I was surrounded by long time friends and supporters so it felt very fitting.

The plan is to increase distance gradually using intervals.  The intervals are up to me and are designed to give myself some variation in impact with my spine.  The important thing is to just incorporate walking during the run.

With not being able to run these past 8ish weeks, I’ve had a few training posts lined up in to publish on the blog so as to keep track of the training I am doing in lieu of running,  but it’s very hard to articulate the workout in an interesting way.  Here is an example from a workout last week:


Split Jerk (10 Min)

Technique Work

Overhead Squat ((55%x10)x3)
 Split Jerk Pos. Strict Press (3×6)
 Snatch Grip Deadlift ((60%x8)x3)
Tempo Work – 5-1-1
While I think it’s interesting, it’s not the most user friendly thing to look at and be able to understand, especially if you don’t regularly lift.  It really took me about 6 solid weeks to be able to read a workout and decipher the meaning behind the numbers and abbreviations.
So here is a quick summary of the last 8 weeks of training: (This is the bare bones version)
Monday: olympic lifting plus a metcon
Tuesday: accessory work plus range of motion
Wednesday: Olympic lifting plus a metcon
Thursday: off
Friday: Olympic lifting plus a metcon
Saturday: plyometric or accessory workout plus range of motion
Sunday: off
And the point of this post…where do I go from here?? Wellllll, months ago, I signed up for a charity 25k on an amazing trail system smack dab in the middle of Cleveland which is in early October.  I am really excited for this race as 25k has been a hard distance for me to feel comfortable with.  It’s long but not that long so how fast should I be going? You get the point.  And I may have some other exciting things on the horizon but I’m going to wait to share until the details are confirmed. And that’s it.  No other races planned (as of yet).  We’ll see how the next few weeks pan out
For this week, I plan to try and run every other day.  Since I ran yesterday, I’ll take today off. And for tomorrow, I’ll try to run 3 easy miles in the evening.  Thursday, I plan to get some pre dawn solo miles in and I cannot wait-I have been fantasizing about seeing the sunrise on a run for weeks! It’s going to be interesting to see how I can weave running in with my newfound love of lifting, but I think with persistence and consistence, all things are possible.

3 thoughts on “I’m Back……Where to go from Here??

  1. Hey, I just checked this out for the first time. I’m about a week into my first injury in a long time and I’m not sure when I’ll be running again — I didn’t miss any days in 2017 until last Monday so I’m pretty morose at the moment. I’ve been historically lazy about other forms of exercise but many years ago I was a regular weight lifter and was extremely diligent about bodyweight exercises when I was in the Army, so I’m not a complete lost cause. I was an OK runner as a younger guy, and am making a comeback of sorts after a dozen years of half-assing my training and assorted setbacks, so I don”t want everything to disappear now. I will be scouring this blog for alternative exercises to running!


    • Hey! So sorry about your injury! I know how hard it can be to have to rest….it’s such a huge shift from our regular lives that for me, I almost experience a bit of grief over the loss of that time spent in my fitness endeavor. Working with a coach was HUGE for me. I was able to safely work out, maintain my cardiovascular fitness and gain muscle while concurrently dealing with my injury. Having a PT and sports MD was also a crucial component in the process. The supervised lifting was paramount to my recovery though. Aside from keeping me strong and busy during my injury recovery, it also gave me the opportunity to try (and fall in love with) something new. I’m an open book so feel free to ask any questions! Best of luck to you!


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