Week in Review-My Shoulders Hate me and My Legs Love Me

Ahhh, good old fashioned training logs! I’ve mentioned before that I’ve kept a log of all my running and other fitness activities in a note in my phone.  I started doing this in mid 2014, a full 4 years after I started running. I’m not sure why it took me that long…perhaps it coincided with the first time I actually felt fast enough to keep track of what I was doing? 2014 was the time that I started to really think about what I wanted to do with myself as a runner; setting some big goals and beginning to push my body beyond where I thought it could go. I was newly post partum and saw a huge boon to my running after running throughout my pregnancy.  I also started trail running in 2014 so I felt like it was important to begin to track which runs were roads and which were done on trails.

I love the act of logging everything as it helps me to one, compare my stats year over year, and two, see the progress over time.  Now, everything gets put into those logs, and I love that I have the ability to see myself grow through each season, each injury and each new challenge.

And here is my first full week back to running (as you can see, it wasn’t all that much running, but I’ll take it!):

Monday: Workout at EpiqX-Push press, split jerks, deadlifts, weighted jump squats with a 15 minute Amrap (as many rounds as possible) of: 200 meter row, 20 DB thrusters, 40 single unders, 10 hand release pushups.

I felt really good during the amrap-I was working hard and sweating my ass off.  I did lose a little mojo when someone walked into my jump rope, but hey, that kind of thing happens. I finished with a little over 4 rounds.

Tuesday: Ugh this was a rough one-5 rounds of 10 KB swings and 100 single unders and THEN 5 rounds of 15 wall balls and 10 inchworm push ups.  No joke; my quads were actually shaking during the last few rounds of push ups.  I think this is the closest I’ve ever come to puking during a WOD. Finished up with 20 minutes of range of motion work. Finished in 22.42

Wednesday: Technique work for cleans using the barbell only.  Then a metcon of 30 clean and jerks-finished around 6 minutes and was able to do it with 53 pounds and completed in 6.42 (although womens RX is 93 lbs so I have some work to do!!) We then did some accessory shoulder and core work.

Thursday: 5 early am miles with Amy (yes I actually ran last week ha!) It was amazing to get back to this pre dawn ritual that has been a staple in my life for so many years! It was hot and humid but I loved it.  Pace was sloooow (like I think we got under 11 minute pace for ONE of the miles) but I did’t care-it felt good and for now, that’s all that matters.  Speed will come later.

Friday: Snatch balance, muscle snatch, power position snatch, squat snatch-I was so over the snatch by the time we finished this-it is definitely one of my weaker lifts so therefore I want to avoid it. We wrapped up the day with some light core.

Saturday: 800 meter run followed by 3 rounds of 10 pullups and 10 plank to side plank, 800 meter run followed by 3 rounds of 10 barbell thrusters and 10 medicine ball slams, 400 meter run followed by 10 dumbbell cleans and 10 hand release pushups and one last 400 meter run.  This one was tough-the thrusters and DB cleans were not easy and I really worked to finished the last sets of each.  The run felt good but I couldn’t get a great turnover which is probably a byproduct of no speed work for the last 8-10 weeks.  Int thinking back, I think my last track workout was mid April! Yikes! Finished in 22.19 using 2 bands for the pullups and 20 pound DB’s for the cleans.

Sunday: 6.37 stroller miles on the Towpath in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  This felt GREAT! I even considered pushing the mileage up but ultimately I decided that with this being my third total run, it probably wasn’t wise to push too far too soon.

Totals: 5 strength workouts and 2 runs totaling 11.37 miles.

Goal for this week is 3 strength workouts (due to travelling and crewing at an ultra) and 3-4 total runs including a long run of 8 miles.  Fingers crossed for a good week!



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