50 Epiq Hours

Well, here we are, 50 classes at EpiqX Fitness and Performance are in the bag! When I first started this fitness endeavor, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  When I walked in to EpiqX, I considered myself a reasonably fit person, having just completed a pretty big ultra and regularly running for several hours at a time. But, I learned quickly that while I had great sports specificity, I was not necessarily in great shape.  Cardiovascular system, sure, definitely could not beat me there.  But with respect to strength, power, balance, and mobility; I was (am) lacking.

Malcolm Gladwell theorizes that it takes a person 10,000 hours to practice a skill until they become “the master of greatness.”  I’d settle at just proficient! Although by Gladwell’s definition of mastery, I am but a tiny drop in the bucket, I do feel more proficient then I did when I walked in the door on May 17th.  I absolutely am a better, stronger, smarter version of the Sara who walked in that day with a ton of trepidation and a suit of armor made of thousands of miles run on foot.

Here are a few of the things I’ve learned in the 50 hours spent at EpiqX

From my first class

You will sweat. A lot. In places that usually don’t sweat.  I mean, I’m a hardcore runner, I know sweat.  But nope, I have sweat more and harder in these past few months than any humid NE Ohio August run ever.  I sweat so much sometimes that I make little tiny Sara sweat angels on the floor.  Lovely, I know.

You will think you are dying. You will look at the clock and pray to all that is holy that the time will end.  Or that you will die.  What ever comes first….

survival pic 

….But you know that you will not die.  You will develop an intrinsic trust in the people guiding you through this journey, that you will not only survive, but you will be stronger in the future.

This is trust….also if I drop it, I know that I am safe. 
You will learn to not trust your brain.  Your brain will tell you that it’s impossible, that it can’t possibly lift that weight or complete that task….

….But you will learn to trust your body. You will learn that when your brain says it can’t, your body will pull through.  And most of time, you’ll prove that lifting is sometimes more mental than physical  .

You will fail sometimes.  Failure is part of it.  And sometimes, you will have to walk away from the bar in frustration, and that too, is ok.

You will exceed your expectations of what you’re capable of.  I mean, I’m a runner, I run.  Lifting weights is something I do to make myself a better runner, right? Well, no, not necessarily.  Lifting weights is something I want to do because I want to be able to lift weights better, not be a better runner.  If my running improves; great.  Main goal is now to bring my 110% A game to the gym to get stronger, more agile, more powerful.

Apparently working on speed and agility in a gym makes one a better trail runner

You will make new friends and build deeper relationships. Just when I thought my life was about as full and rich with meaningful relationships as it was going to get at this point, some people came along and challenged that notion.  And I am fuller with support and love than I ever thought possible.

And finally, I learned that it’s possible to be passionate about more than one thing (fitness wise that is.) If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes browsing this blog, you know that I am clearly passionate about all things running and have a goal to someday complete a 100 miler.  When I walked into Epiq, I really had no expectations.  I was curious for sure but otherwise, I really didn’t know what it would do for me.  Boy were my almost non existent expectations exceeded! I’m so grateful for Amy for having the courage to try out this lifting thing on her own and who then came to me and gave me the kick that I needed to open the door to this.  Can’t wait to see where I’ll be in 50 more hours!


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