One Year of Blogging!

One year in!! Such a cliche, but wow that went by fast!! It’s been a great year for running and fitness all around.  I’ve accomplished many long time goals (becoming a Marathon Maniac) and some that seemed impossible (running 100k at O24 certainly seemed like an impossible goal!) I’ve fallen short in some ways.  For example, 63 miles was an amazing accomplishment for me but my goal was 72.  I was not able to run 3 out of 4 planned races this year because of an injury.  But despite the high highs and the low lows, reflecting back on this year brings up great memories and I feel satisfied with how it turned out. I’ve also loved sharing my running and fitness story along the way. There is something very satisfying about being able to put my training down on paper and really reflect  back on the weeks.  This really has helped me to see the peaks and valleys of training, to learn where to shift my focus and where to put my time in for improvements.

With that being said, here is a quick update.  I was given the clearance to run in late July.  Of course I immediately went out for a run that evening which happened to be a fun event at my gym involving running and lifting. I felt good so I continued to run.  I started at every two days or every other day.  I can now run back to back days and am up to about 4 day a week of running.

The hard part is trying to manage my fitness schedule. It’s been pretty clear on my blog that I am loving the lifting and cross fit style workouts at Epiq X.  While I was taking a break from running, I was going to Epiq 5 days per week.  Well, that doesn’t leave a ton of time or room to fit running in which has been the issue that last few weeks as I’ve continued with my 5 day per week schedule.

In the last 4 weeks, I’ve been able to be consistent with lifting but just not with running.  Boy has that been a reversal! In years past, I always would drop the lifting in favor of running.  Now, I just want to continue to push and see how far I can go strength wise.  This leads me to my racing agenda for the next few months.  I’m thinking in terms of seasons here.  For next few months, my plan is to continue to work on getting in shape for my upcoming Ragnar Relay (in the Adirondacks!!) and I’d like to PR at the Doan Creek Trail Run 25k in early October.  Traditionally, I’ve run about 6 days a week to prep for racing.  This time, I’m aiming for 4 days a weeks plus 5 days of lifting. What this means is two shorter runs during the week (3-5 miles) one longer run on weekends and one short weekend recovery run.  This sort of training schedule is pretty new to me and very bare bones when it comes to preparation.  Goal is to see if this works-Can i get into racing shape with less running? Certainly evidence suggests it is possible and multiple training plans do exist with minimal running, although I’ve never tried one.  Part of this feels like an experiment, the other part just feels like this might be slightly crazy. But I’ll never know if I don’t try! So here is the last week and half or so of training:

Saturday (August 12th)- 8 hour hike on the Appalachian Trail.  This really deserves it’s own post.  Chris and I went down to Harper’s Ferry WV for the weekend.  We hiked, ran and ate a ton.  I consider this to be an important training activity not only because of the duration but also because I almost exclusively carried Liam on my back for the majority of the hike.

Sunday-4 miles on the historic C&O Trail.  We stayed a little over 10 minutes away from one of the trail heads for this beautiful towpath.  It was so lush, so green and so refreshing.  I pushed the stroller while Chris ran ahead.  So happy to have had the opportunity to run here.

Monday-back home and back at Epiq for a 5am class.  Worked on my max deadlift and hit a hard earned PR of 153 pounds! And while I couldn’t get 163 off the ground, I know I will be able to in the next few weeks-the fire is lit on that one!

Tuesday-After the high wore off from my long weekend of hiking and driving, my deadlift PR from Monday and the general weariness of the week set in, Tuesday was a cluster! Plan was for a semi longish metcon and then a quick ROM WOD (range of motion stuff.) I felt pretty terrible going in to this workout but really didn’t think much of it, after all, I’ve worked out in a state of exhaustion before and while tough, it’s really not been a huge deal.  First red flag was having to take weight off my bar not once, but twice during the first portion which was alternating 10 thrusters and a 10 calorie row every minute on the minute (EMOM). I got through that and then went on for a 10 calorie bike and 10 weighted sit ups EMOM for 10 minutes.  I got through it but felt like I was pedaling through quick sand on the bike and could barely get 10 calories in 60 seconds.  After completing this portion, I got up to recover for a few minutes as the next portion would be starting soon.  Well, things got a little fuzzy; my HR would not slow down and nausea set in.  Next thing I knew, I was telling my coach that I wasn’t ok.  That was all I could get out in the moment.  He quickly got me sitting down and drinking juice and the world slowly came back into focus.  I realize this isn’t all that uncommon but it was scary for me in the moment and I’m grateful that it didn’t progress any further!

Wednesday: It’s amazing how quickly you can go from a terrible workout to an amazing workout.  Wednesday brought two new PR’s-bench press at 73 lbs and an unexpected Power Clean PR of 73 lbs.  The power clean was something that I’ve been working towards the past few weeks and when the opportunity arose after class to give a go, I did just that and scored an unexpected PR! I also ended up running 3.25 miles with Chris and Liam later in the day.

Thursday: MUCH MUCH needed rest day!

Friday: Back squat PR of 143 pounds and a 4 mile quick run around my neighborhood after work.  Worked on picking up the pace each mile and ended up with negative splits.

Saturday: Workout at Epiq-this was just a long long grind of a workout:

5 rounds for time (I finished in 32ish)

30 cal bike (holy shit was this long!)

25 sit ups

20 weighted DB lunges

15 KB swings

10 Push ups

5 pull ups

Sunday: Finally a long run worth writing about-10.15 miles.  I started with the run club group from the gym and ended on my own. My last 3 miles were solo and also my fastest.  I finished feeling strong and like I had a few more miles left in me which is an awesome feeling!

Goal for this week is to stay on track with running and not get sidelined with lifting.  12 mile long run on tap this weekend!

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