Week in Review: Procrastination Edition

I’ve been neglecting my poor little blog! I completely missed posting the last few weeks of training.  Between general life stressors, being in the thick of the “sandwich generation” and some avoidance of adulting, I haven’t posted any training at all in the last few weeks. I’ve been running which is definitely a plus and I think I can say I’ve found a groove with managing running and the gym.  Currently I am consistent at about 5 gym workouts each week and 4 runs.  To balance 9 weekly workouts, the weekday mileage is on the lower side.

To refresh, I am signed up for Ragnar Adirondacks at the end of September.  My Ragnar legs look pretty manageable and my mileage tops out around 15 miles with some decent elevation gain.  Ragnar is something I’ve wanted to do for years but never took the plunge for a variety of reasons.  After two friends won (yes won!) entries into Ragnar ADK along with 2 entries for their BRF’s, I gladly jumped on the opportunity to join when I was asked.  After Ragnar, I have a trail 25k that I’d love to PR which shouldn’t be an issue as the first and last 25k I ran was essentially the most un-runnable sloppy trail I’ve had the privilege  of slipping and sliding on.  Fun; yes! Fast: no! So i’m hoping to better that time and walk away with a shiny new PR.

And after that? Welllll… after much deliberation, I’ve decided to do the Run with Scissors Marathon again.  I ran it last year in part to complete my Marathon Maniac requirements, to be there with longtime BRF Amy as she ran her first full, and to celebrate my birthday.  This year, I won’t be running back to back marathons but I will be out there once again, hoping to move a tiny bit faster than last year.  As mentioned above, my mileage is on the lower side of what I typically run during a marathon training cycle.  I am approaching this cycle with a healthy dose of experimentation.  Namely, I want to test to see if replacing some of the mileage with strength training and high intensity workouts will help me.  Hopefully my theory pans out.  If not, it’s going to be a long day for me at RWS.

Monday: Focus was on the press and push press in split jerk position along with some other accesory work.  The metcon was 8 rounds for time of a 200 meter run, 10 push ups, 20 air squats.

Tuesday: Moderate weight back squats and a metcon of:

1.) 500 M Row
2.) 25 Box Jumps (20/24) (24/30)
3.) 25 Pull-Ups
4.) 500 M Row
5.) 25 K2C/25T2B
6.) 25 Ab-Mat Sit-Ups
7.) 500 M Row
8.) 25 Thrusters (53/75) (73/95)
9.) 50 Single Unders
10.) 500 M Row

Not going to lie, my rowing got pretty sloppy at the end.  I want to blame it on Amy as we both starting laughing at our laziness and it just devolved from there đŸ™‚

Wednesday: A ton of work with Cleans, incline and lying bench presses and various accesory work. The metcon was “Sally on Repeat” which essentially is one move that you repeat according to the lyrics in the Moby song “Flower”.  Essentially we squated a lot and burpee’d a lot in time to the song.  At first I was like “NBD.” About 12 squats in to the first song, I realized that this is way harder than I thought and my legs were burning.

Wednesday evening brought my first run of the week-3.8 stroller miles with my husband and son.

Thursday: A much needed COMPLETE day of rest.  I’ve been struggling to take full days off (see the 9 workout out a week schedule I’ve been following) but if I time it right, I can pull off a full day and boy do I need it.

Friday: Focus was on snatchs and front squat.  I was the only one in class that day and had my coach’s attention soley which is an added perk of going to a small gym. We ended with a metcon of:

10 Min. AMRAP:

Buy-In: 50 KB Swings (1/1.5)

5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Goblet Squats

I finished 6 full rounds.  The goblet squats were a killer and had me shaking at the end. Friday afternoon, Chris and I had an unexpected hour to ourselves and ran 5 miles before preschool pick up.

Saturday: 11.25 glorious solo miles.  It’s been AGES since I’ve run alone.  I ran with no set route or distance.  I just planned to make it to the park by 9am for a gym destination workout. My legs felt amazing and I just soaked my alone time in.  It was therapeutic and revitalizing. And just the long run I needed to enhance my confidence.  I finished with a workout consisting of several rounds of med ball push ups, med ball burpees, and med ball sprints.  I could tell the run had taken a toll but I really didn’t care-I had fun!

Sunday: EpiqX Pump and Run.  A pump and run consists of two parts: the first is a bench press.  The weight of the bench press is determined a percentage of the weight of the athlete.  For my age group, the prescribed weight was 70% of total body weight.  For each bench press (up to 30), you earned 30 seconds off your 5k time which is run following the bench.  Because I physically can’t lift 70% of my body weight (yet), I chose to lift 40% for 15 seconds off each press.  That worked out to 16 bench presses at 53 pounds and 4 total minutes.  I then completed the 5k in 25.52 which is not bad for not doing any speed work whatsoever since early April! I surprisingly felt really strong in my turnover, particularly in the 3rd mile which is unusual for me.  Hopefully a sign for good things to come! 

Chris finishing the 5k


Strength: 5 workouts

Run: 4 totaling 23.15 miles

Goal for the next week: 4 strength workouts and 4 runs with a long run of 14 miles!


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