Week in Review-RWS Marathon Training, week 1

I’m not following a traditional training plan.  I actually have no training plan per se.  I would not recommend this to the average person training for a marathon.  But with myself, I am willing to not follow the rules as much.  I mentioned in my last post that the framework for this marathon buildup is modeled off the “run less, run faster” style-less days of running but a higher volume of overall work. The idea being that the time spent not running is then spent building up the cardio-respiratory system in other ways. 9 workouts a week should (in theory) leave me ready to tackled 26.2 miles of hills, hiking, and running.  I’m focusing on a lot of single leg work as well in order to mimic the demands of trail running.

What this looks like is 4 days of running and 5 lifting and HIIT style/crossfit workouts. Last week was a bit of a failure as I didn’t hit 4 runs.  My planning/logistics completely failed me and the window of running closed unfortunately.  I did meet my other goal of lifting 4 days per week (the gym was actually closed for a Crossfit Competition so I missed the 5th workout which I planned upon.)

Here is what last week looked like:

Monday: Labor day metcon.  I showed up feeling tired and burnt out, not in a hurry to workout whatsoever! However, once I got moving, I felt so much better and ended up really enjoying this workout:

20 OHS (50%)
400 M Run
20 MB Walking Lunges (14/20)
400 M Run
20 Deadlifts (50%)
400 M Run
20 Burpees
400 M Run
20 Pull-Ups
400 M Run
20 Box Jumps (20/24)
400 M Run
20 Plate Ground-To-Overheads (25/45)
400 M Run

Tuesday: Did a few different things in the gym-most notably was to complete 40 total reps of the bench press.  Essentially you go as far as you can, rest for 30 seconds, keep going as far as you can, etc.  You are done once you get to 40.  And this was way harder than I thought.  We finished with a metcon of 21-15-9 squat jumps, push ups and knees to chest.

Wednesday: Started my day with some clean and jerk work plus range of motion after. Later in the day, I pushed the stroller for 3.3 miles with Chris as we worked to outrun the impending thunderstorm-made it into the driveway just as the first clap of thunder sounded!

Outrunning the weather. Note he guy on his bike in front of me who also stopped to snap a quick pic 
Thursday: Slept in until 7am.  I’m putting this in here because sleep is essential to training.  Complete day of rest woohoo!!

Friday: Snatch day.  I really suck at snatches and want to avoid doing them.  But I keep forcing myself and hopefully one day I’ll like them.  Finished with a metcon of:

10 Curtis P’s (PC, Lungex2, Jerk)
30 Push-Ups
40 Ab-Mat Sit-Ups
50 Wall Ball Chest Pass
100 Single Unders

I actually felt great during the metcon-especially during the power cleans in the Curtis P’s.  What really slowed me down was the single unders.  Who would’ve thought that simple jump roping could be so hard?! For me, it’s so slow and really caused me to lose about 30 seconds behind the leader.

Saturday: 14 mile long run! I met up with friends Melissa and Rachel on the Towpath.  I did the first 11 ish with them then split to watch the aforementioned crossfit competition which conventintely was located at a gym about 50 yards off the towpath (best gym location ever by the way!) I stayed for a while to cheer on my coaches and some friends competing then headed back on the TP for a few more miles.  Goal was to run on tired legs and I definitely succeded in that. Though my legs hurt, I had gas in the tank.  Again, hoping that this trend of strong finishes continues!

The sky on my way to the towpath was really gorgeous 

My go to mid run stretch- try it- you’ll feel like a fresh runner! 

Sunday: 6.1 miles.  After a late night filled with delicious food (cheese plates for the win!), running was really the last thing I wanted to do.  But my body woke up early as it always does and I decided to meet some friends.  As usual in a group, the miles flew by.

Lots of strength represented here #mrtt

Total: 4 strength/crossfit workouts

Miles: a paltry 23.  This is actually below what I feel comfortable with (even by my loose standards as of late) so I’ll be working to increase this over the next several weeks.

2 thoughts on “Week in Review-RWS Marathon Training, week 1

  1. Yay. Glad to see that you are back to marathon training. I also don’t really follow the training plan. I run much less than what the plan calls for and listen to my body. I don’t do strength training (I should) but I bike, swim, and yoga instead 🙂 Hope to make it to the sunday run on some of the low miles week lol


    • Thanks Sydney! I think it’s much more common in the ultra world to be a little more flexible with the training. At a certain point, it’s more about the ability to have mental endurance and to cope with pain, boredom, fatigue etc. Running all the miles doesn’t necessarily prepare you for that. We’ll see how my theory holds up in a few weeks haha!! And can’t wait to connect for some miles one of these days!


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