Week in Review….Marathon taper?

Here I am, in taper land again.  It’s odd because this training has been so abbreviated.  I really didn’t decide to even run this race until early September which gave me about a 6 week time frame to train with a two week taper. In looking back over my last 14 months of training, this seems to be a pattern-injury, injury recovery, great response to increase in mileage, taper, race and do it again.  You may recall that I injured my back for the first time in April/May of 2016.  I healed and ran two marathons in October of that same year. This year, I re injured my back in May 2017 and now here I am, ready to go for another marathon. I’ve had some success using this method (i.e. I haven’t died during any races) but I don’t think it’s ideal to continue to use this type of accelerated training plan.  (Also, of note, my longest distance this year [100k] was completed with a traditional 4 month training plan.)

A plan for the next 6 – 8 months or so is to not race unless I am trained to do so.  I’m really planning on holding myself to this.  And just for accountability sake, right now, I am only looking at The Cleveland Marathon (not sure of distance but likely half marathon or 10k) and Mohican Marathon as my two races of 2018.  I’ll share a little later about my goals but for the moment, running is going to be on the back burner.

This past week of training saw an overall cutback in both running and lifting as I’m preparing for the marathon. The plan for this week is the same; smart lifting in the beginning of the week, and I’ll likely take Thursday and Friday completely off and just focus on refilling my glycogen stores and hydrating.

Monday: Focus was on various components of the Clean and Jerk.  We also did some deadlifts in which I really focused on light weight and perfect form. We also did some technique work for rope climps and I specifically focused on getting my feet into position to climb up. For the metcon, we did 21-15-9 of sumo deadlift high pulls and box jumps.  I was incredibly anxious walking into this workout as I still feel pretty tentative about box jumps.  I focused on just being very slow and steady with them instead of racing to finish.  Goal was to not trip or mentally back down and I achieved both.

Tuesday: My first time “cherry picking” a wod (WOD name was “burpeepalooza, so yeah, skipping that.)  I knew that this wod contained 100 burpees and that’s all I needed to know.  I felt trashed after the previous weekends long run so I chose to rest instead.  No regret here.

Wednesday: More work on cleans as well as bench presses.  The WOD was an AMRAP of wall balls and kettlebell swings.  My arms/shoulders were fairly obliterated after only 7 minutes!

Thursday: Another rest day-need more of these in my life.

Friday: I worked on snatches during an EMOM consisting of just snatches.  The weight was light enough that it really enabled me to work on my form.  I’ve shared that I really struggle with this lift in particular.  This day’s workout really really helped me to work through some issues. The metcon was 3 rounds of hand release pushups, mountain climbers and knees-to-chest.  I could not believe how trashed I was after it-reoccurring theme here.)

Saturday: Slept in and ran 5 easy miles on the towpath with my brother. It felt good to sleep in, and not run long.  Again, another sign that running needs to take a bit of a backseat in my lift.

Sunday: 3 miles with my MRTT group plus an hour hike.

So overall, a pretty low mileage, low key week for me.  I’m seeing that rest is becoming more and more important which is a clue that I need to dial back my running after marathon training.

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