Cleveland 5k Training-Week 2

Week 2 of training went exactly as planned….somehow!  Going into this training cycle, I really had to commit to digesting it one run at a time.  After my last race in October of 2017, I decided to put all of my focus on strength training which I’ve fallen in love with-very obvious if you are a regular reader. I had attempted to balance 5 day per week lifting with 4 day per week running and it left me feeling tired and burnt out.  So going into this training cycle, I committed to taking it one run at a time.  And to altering things if needed.  I’ve been one hundred percent up front with my coach about where I’m at in terms of my devotion to training and she in turn has designed a training plan to accommodate me.  Now, to trust the training-easier said than done!

Monday: Power clean EMOM (every minute on the minute) and a metcon involving way too many wallballs and deadlifts.

Tuesday: Bench press, front squat and shoulders.  And “Death By Burpees” in which I lasted 8 rounds which basically means I did 72 burpees in 8 minutes.  Fun!! Later in the day I ran 3 miles after work-this is notable because it was almost 70° and sunny which is rare in NE ohio in February!

Wednesday: A bunch of accessory work in the gym-basically a little of everything.

Thursday: 3 miles at slow comfortable pace.  I REALLY enjoyed this run.  For starters, it was my first 5am run in quite some time and though I always have enjoyed running with others, I also deeply savor my time alone.  There is something really refreshing about running in the dark by myself before the rest of the world wakes up.  Add in some bad weather (freezing rain on this day) and it was just about a perfect run.

Friday: Split jerks and back squat plus Crossfit Open workout 18.0: 21, 15, 9 DB snatches and burpee jumpovers.  I finished in 5.15 though I used lighter weights.

Saturday: 30 Min. AMRAP:

10 Pull-Ups
20 SA DB Thrusters (10-30/35-50)
30 Ball Slams
40 Push-Ups
50 Ab-Mat Sit-Ups
60  Mountain Climbers (Total)
70 Lunges (Total)
80 Jumping Jacks
90# Sled Push (D&B)
100 Single Unders

I made it through 2 full rounds plus 210 reps.  Damn proud of that too-I worked my ass off!

Sunday: 8 slow miles.  For the first time in a LONG time, I joined a group of Cleveland Mom’s Run This Town women for a Sunday run.  I met with a woman early for extra miles and as is true with many MRTT runs, I ended up running further than planned  Bonus was a fun Cleveland Marathon event after the run.

Total: 5 strength workouts, 3 runs totaling 11 miles.

Goal for next week-aim for 5 total strength workouts and 3 (possibly 4 but we’ll see) runs

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