Cleveland 5k Training-Week 3 Recap

Week 3 is in the books!! This was the first week where I really questioned if I’d be able to fit it all in.  As I’ve written about previously, I plan to maintain 5 strength workouts per week which means that I have several two a days and/or I may not have a rest day in order to fit it all in.  As of right now, I’m maintaining at 3 runs per week.  As both a coach and a coachee (currently being coached by Rachel at Running On Happy) 3 days per week is really 1 day less than I’m comfortable with.  I’m justifying it with the fact that I am a pretty experienced long distance runner and I also am gaining training benefit with the work I’m doing at the gym.  However, I do need recognize that low mileage is a disadvantage and no amount of time at the gym can make up for time on my feet (I think.)

Here is a snapshot of week 3:

Monday: Crossfit Open 18.1 (scaled.)  This was a 20 minute AMRAP of 8 knees to chest, 10 dumbbell hang power clean and jerks, and a 12 calorie row.  I got through 318 reps and was proud of my effort.

Tuesday: Snatch work and a very quick metcon consisting of burpee box jumpovers, weighted overhead lunges (which were killer on my quads!), DB snatches and KB swings.  I really struggled with the overhead lunges here but overall was happy with my time.  In the evening, I ran 4.1 slow miles, some road and some trail.

Wednesday: Power clean work and then an EMOM of DB hang power cleans, single unders, rowing and biking.  I ran 6 easy miles later in the day-some road, some trail. The effort felt a little tough at the end but I mentally tried to envision what the last kilometer of the race would feel like and use that to push through it.  It was raining lightly the whole time and just what I needed as I processed that I did not get into the NYC Marathon for this year.  Being out on the trail helped me to kind of clarify some goals for the year which was much needed.

Thursday: FULL DAY OFF.  So necessary at this point in the week.

Friday: Crossfit Open 18.2 (scaled) ascending 1-10 reps of burpees over barbell and weighted squats followed by a max clean.  Really happy with my pacing and effort and hit a clean  PR of 98 pounds!

Saturday: a whole bunch of AMRAPS with a ton of varied movements.  I struggled a bit with this workout, likely due to cumulative fatigue.  Mentally I wasn’t there either which I am chalking up to the hard training effort of the days prior.

Sunday: 6  miles on the towpath.  We had gorgeous weather for this run: upper 20’s and completely clear and sunny.  I ran the first 2 solo and then met up with my brother for the last 4.  Obligatory breakfast after.

Total mileage: 16.1 over 3 days of running.  Still not much but slowly getting there.

Total: strength workouts: 5.  Happy with this number and planning to stick here.

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