Cleveland 5k Training-Week 5 Recap

Week 5 brought a little decrease in mileage, and some really beautiful hilly runs.  I’ve been sticking to my plan of 2 two-a-day workouts with one full day of rest.  I’m enjoying the shorter long runs though I always feel as if I have some gas left in the tank at the end which is probably due to the years of finishing long runs in a really depleted state given that most of my long runs were multi hour efforts.

Here is my week in review:

Monday: Snatch and overhead squat work and a metcon with ascending reps of HR push ups and DB snatches which kind of snuck up on me in how difficult it ended up being!

Tuesday: 2 15 minute AMRAP Partner Wods.  I worked with my gym wifey Jessica and we worked really well together to get it done.  I also fell on the box leaving me with this sexy cut and bruise

Later in the day I did 5 miles at easy effort.  On Tuesday’s I’ve been running to a meeting I attend regularly and my husband picks me up after.  I have done this off and on for years and I love my little “runmute”

Wednesday: Front squats, overhead strict press and push jerks.  It was nice to not have a metcon and just focus on lifting.

Later in the day I ran 5 miles in a local park known for it’s incredible hills

Thursday: full day off!

Friday: Hang clean high pulls, deadlifts, DB Bench and other various accessory work.  I also died a little during goblet squats but got through it.  I did get a DB bench PR though-35 lbs!!

Saturday: My husband and I traveled to Michigan overnight to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. I had originally planned on running while there but it wasn’t meant to be: when I woke up it was about 20 degrees cooler than what it was foretasted to be, leaving me with inappropriate clothing options, and the area in which we stayed was less than pedestrian friendly.  So I waited until we got home and ran in the afternoon.  It was cold but really sunny and beautiful. I ran 4 miles total.

Sunday: I met up with my coach Martin and upcoming Crossfit competition teammate Abbie to go through all of the workouts for our comp ((I’m competing again in April!) I was pleasantly surprised at not only how good it felt but how well we did overall.  I’m starting to realize that practicing like this is important, not only to gain the strength but also to develop communication skills with your teammate.  It’s so important to work out a plan ahead of time and after Sunday’s practice, I feel incredibly confident which is such a contrast to how I felt before Straight Scaled (a freaking nervous wreck!)

Some post comp practice bruising- I am apparently catching all my hang cleans with my shoulders

Total miles: 14

Total Strength workouts: 5

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