Cleveland 5k Training and Life Updates

As I’ve shared in my last few posts, my father in law has been battling a serious illness for the last few weeks.  He died peacefully yesterday morning, closing a chapter in our lives that will for me, forever be remembered by great conversations around my dining room table, visits to the car show, and of course time spent with Liam and Grandpa.  I’m grateful that after his brief illness, he died quickly and comfortably.  Most importantly, I’m grateful to have had an amazing father in law for the past 14 years.

As another week of training passed, I realized fully that my life is currently in overdrive and there are some things that are beyond my control.  I talked last week about my 5k PR goal and at this point, I’ve let that go.  It’s been tremendously stressful to try and balance speed work and mileage goals while also training for a crossfit competition taking place in just two short weeks. It’s just been easier to get to the gym lately so I’m going to go ahead and compete with Abbie as planned. I’m also going to run the Cleveland 5k and 10k (though I do have some illusions about jumping up to the half…) but I won’t race it.  I think I’ll do well and have a chance of coming close to my PR but if I don’t, I’m ok with that.

With that being said, here is my week in review:

Monday: Clean and Jerks plus front squats.  And a metcon consisting of 3 rounds of 10 wallballs, 20 DB snatches and 3 burpees EMOM.

Tuesday: Snatch grip deadlift, close grip bench (my triceps were sore for days after this), DB lunges (my butt felt super beat up for days) and the perfect finisher: death by burpees followed by death by running-both right up my skill alley.

Wednesday: snatch EMOM (i pr’ed on my snatch!), overhead squats and a fun little 10 minute AMRAP of pushups, situps, and DB thrusters.

Strong women

And of course I dropped the DB on my shoulder during thrusters

Thursday: 5 miles easy pace.  Plan was for 10×1 minute hill repeats but an inch of unexpected snow made that impossible.  I let mother nature win and settled for safe but slow miles.

Friday: This fun partner WOD:  ( I LOVE partner WODS!)

1000 M Row (Broken up into 250 M)
60 Thrusters (75/55)
60 KBS (1.5/1)
60 SDHP (75/55)
1000 M Row (Broken up into 250 M)

Saturday: Crossfit open 11.3: 5 minute AMRAP of Squat Clean and Jerks.  I put 63 lbs on my bar and finished with 29 reps which I was very proud of.  For contrast; I did “Grace” in July which is 30 C&J for time with 53 lbs and finished in 6.42=PROGRESS baby!

And I finished the day with a 5 mile run with 7×1 minute hill repeats.

This was necessary after my Saturday workout

Sunday: 3 miles with EpiqX run club and then one of the partner WODS for the upcoming competition.  Unfortunately, I just wasn’t feeling great this day.  My stomach felt off and I just couldn’t get a good rhythm going for quite a few lifts.  And my pants kept falling down during burpees which sucked. Having your ass hang out in front of your friends and coaches is less than ideal but a good lesson in moving forward because who knows if your pants will cooperate and stay up on competition day.

This is what happens when your body suddenly changes form for no reason and you start inexplicably dropping the bar on your quad

Total: 13 miles, 5 strength workouts.


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