Cleveland 1/2 Marathon Training Update

Wait what….does that title say 1/2 marathon?! Yep, it certainly does! If you know me, you know distance is my thing.  I tried to be a  little speedy for a bit and it didn’t work out that well (exhibit A: last several weeks worth of training logs.) I was enjoying my training overall but just wasn’t making the time for my speed work which is obviously pretty essential for a race of that distance.  Life also hit pretty hard over the last few weeks and running was moved to the back burner.  I should add that half marathon training should have a little asterisk next to it as I haven’t run anything over 8 miles in like two plus months so my plan is to test my legs out this weekend and go from there.  If I can’t comfortably run that distance, I’ll stick to the 10k. If I can, I’ll throw in a 10 miler and a 12 miler and then run (key is run, not race) the Cleveland 1/2 in May.

Here is what last week looked like:

Monday: went to the gym but left about five minutes later as I was notified that my father in law’s death was imminent at that point.

Tuesday: Accesory work and a metcon that was very much right up my alley-air squats, sit ups, push ups and burpees

Wednesday: Worked on snatches and then a metcon involving inch worm pushups. I kind of gave up mid metcon which is very unusual for me and it shows in my placement on the leaderboard.  Just wasn’t feeling it this workout.

Thursday: rainy 5 miles by myself.  I needed this alone time before the chaos of the weekend began with all of the family obligations.

Friday: “You’re a Jerk”

7 Rounds For Time:

7 Push Jerks (Rx: 53/85) (Rx+: 73/115)
7 Pull-Ups
7 Burpees

This is actually one of my least liked WODS but I did it and finished 1 second slower than the last time I did it.

Loving the sunrise and the friendship

Saturday: Crossfit Open workout 11.5: a 20 minute AMRAP of 5 power cleans (at 73 lbs) 10 knees to elbows, 15 wallballs.  I felt pretty anxious going into this but overall I was happy I completed it at the RX weight.  I finished with 11 + rounds.  After the gym, I ran 5 miles in the area.

Sunday: I planned to join the MRTT group for 8 miles or so but I had really awful nausea through out the night which kept me up.  I did end up running 3 with Liam in the stroller later in the day in the pouring rain which was refreshing.

Ok so my mileage is at like nothing at this point.  I have some work to do and am allowing myself the grace to once again change my mind on race distances.  I feel all over the place, that’s for sure.  Hopefully the next few weeks will help to clarify what my body is capable of.  Until then, one workout at a time.

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