Cleveland Half Marathon-Peak Week In Review!

Ok and just like that, peak weak has come and gone.  And if there was ever a great peak, this was it. You know that feeling when your legs are primed and your mental game is strong? That was me.  Yes its a short short short training cycle but the positive side is that I haven’t had time to feel annoyed or resentful at or of my training.  No burnout equals happy running.  I may be slow on race day given this shortened time (and relatively few miles) but I know that I’ll show up happy and ready.

Monday: Worked on snatch techniques, back squat and seal walks which according to my coach is prep for handstand walks (I don’t think my body likes to be upside down.) My abs were sore for days from the seal walks.  And we did a 15 minute cycle of sled push, pulls, drags and dumbbell snatches.

Tuesday: Mini Murph (prep for the real deal on Memorial Day). 800 meter run, 50 pull ups, 100 pushups, 150 air squats.  Tuesday evening, I decided to finally check out some free yoga my town offers all summer long-loved it! It was incredibly easy which is what my body needed and I enjoyed myself immensely.

Feeling zen AF

Wednesday: Clean and Jerk triples.  And a metcon involving mountain climbers, pushups and dumbbell lunges

Thursday: I joined up with my local MRTT group for a hot and humid 5.1 mile run. It’s been ages since I’ve joined this group but I was quickly reminded how nice it is to wake up early, socialize for 50 minutes and head home.

Friday: Bench press and deadlift.  And an untimed partner metcon that I did with Jessica.  We basically just rowed, did wall balls, burpees, pull ups and DB cleans.  It wasn’t all that difficult but it was ridiculously hot out with made it feel harder.

Jess and I. I’m dying in the humidity in this pic

Saturday: I was really proud of myself for this workout:

10 Min AMRAP
5 Shoulder to Overhead 115# / 75#
10 Deadlifts 115# / 75#
15 Box Jumps 24″ / 20″
I completed it at Rx which is a challenge for me-75 lbs s2oh can be kind of a crushing weight for me but I did it and beat my A goal of 5 rounds.
I then set out for a run.  Initially I thought I’d go 3-4 miles but once I started moving, my legs felt fantastic so I turned it into a 5 mile progression run with the last mile being just a hair under 8 minutes.  My legs felt like feathers!
Sunday: 12.2 miles.  First 5.5 were solo and the rest were with my MRTT Sunday group.  I ran faster the second half (which I attribute to having fast friends) and felt great throughout.  I then hiked 3 ish miles later that morning.
So many amazing women in this group
Total: 22.3 miles and 5 strength workouts

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