Week in review-taper time!!

Last week I reduced my running in preparation for the Rite Aid Cleveland 8k and Half Marathon.  I only ran twice (out of 3 total planned runs) and cut my mileage pretty significantly.  I’ve talked before about my struggle with resting/recovering but I think I took it to a new level these last few weeks. Confession: I have not taken a rest day in 25 days (and counting.) I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t rested until I was talking with Abbie, my long time running friend and recent crossfit competition partner.  She asked me if I was taking any days off while balancing half training and crossfit.  And it suddenly hit me that no, I haven’t been taking any days off.  It was slow and subtle but it kind of crept up on me.  I suppose one way to look at this is that I haven’t felt tired, overly sore (for the most part…because deadlifts left me feeling DONE the other day) or unable to recover.  Physically I’ve had no issues with sleep, energy, or changes to my resting heart rate which are all classic signs for me that I’ve gone too long without resting.  And I want to qualify that on Sunday, I did not run but rather went to yoga (read about it below) and I feel like that was sufficient to count for a rest day.  Or maybe I”m deluding myself.  At any rate, I have two days programmed in this week of complete rest and I’m looking forward to them.

Monday: Clean and Jerks and benchmark WOD “Kelly”-5 rounds for time of: 30 box jumps, 30 wallballs, 400 meter run. Kelly absolutely destroyed my soul-it was one of the harder workouts and really took grit for me to push through.  At one point, Amy and I passed each other on the run and I heard Amy say something to the extent of “Kelly is a dirty whore!” which I completely agreed with but didn’t have the energy to verbalize it at the time. I finished about 3 minutes before the timecap.

Tuesday: Back squats, bench press, lunges, and renegade rows.  And yoga in the park in the evening which I am loving.

Wednesday: Mini Murph (again!)-800 meter run, 50 pull ups, 100 push ups, 150 air squats, 800 meter run.  Took 30 seconds off my time.

Thursday: 5 slow paced miles with my 5@5 running group

Didn’t get a group pic

Friday: Snatch Balance (which I’m really good at) and Hang Power Snatches (which I’m getting better at!) and an untimed metcon with a ton of sled pushing.

Saturday: Crossfit games open 14.3-without going into the nitty gritty, it’s a lot of heavy deadlifts followed by box jumps.  The dead lift weights and reps increase each round.  To give you a sense of how heavy they got, the second round (which was 15 reps) was at about 75% of my 1 rep max.  I barely made it through 2 rounds.  It was ugly.  I finished up and ran 3 very fast miles with my very fast friend (and Straight Scaled teammate Shannon) after the workout.

Working my box jumps with Shannon

Sunday: Woke up to some INSANE storms.  It was incredibly beautiful and relaxing (from the comfort of my house) but the lightening was literally centered over my town.  I drove to the coffee shop with the hopes it would let up but the storms relented.  I finally admitted defeat and went to yoga as a guest of my friend Susan. It was an incredibly relaxing slow flow class and very helpful for my deadlift fried back. I hiked 3 miles in the afternoon which was my request for mothers day. All in all, it was exactly what my body needed in terms of active recovery.

What I woke up to:

Yoga Lounge

So one week of taper down, one week to go and then it’s race time!! Can’t wait to spend the weekend immersed in all things Cleveland Marathon!!

Are you running it? Comment below-maybe we can meet up!

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