Catching up

Hi! I’m back….still here and still training.  Just missed a few weeks of posting.  Work has been and will likely continue to be busy over the next few months as we prepare for a huge audit in the fall. My desire to write has somewhat waned as I’ve spent the majority of the day up to my ears in healthcare policy.

At any rate, I have been running and lifting as per my usual.  After the Rite Aid Cleveland 8k and Half Marathon weekend, I took no time off in running another race the following week: The Blossom Time 5.25 Miler:

Quick Recap: I’ve run this race more than any other with a total of 6 times, first starting in 2011.  I took the last few years off due to injury but when my brother and long time running partner Andrew, asked me to run it with him, I immediately signed up-like once second later, no thought about it whatsoever.  Since I’ve either run it pregnant or with a stroller since 2013, I thought I’d continue that precedent and brought Liam along for the ride.

Pre run with Andrew

I don’t know if you can tell but there are a few thousand people in front of us post run popsicles which were so necessary

This race is incredibly hilly-it’s known for it’s rolling hills throughout and tough course. It also starts late which adds a heat element.  And for being in a tiny town, it’s a huge race, with a few thousand people showing up each year.  Andrew and I stuck together and he took over stroller duty a few times as he typically does when we race or run together (great uncle right there).  Total time was 50.27 which was not bad given how thick the crowds were in the first two miles.  It’s also a course PR for me so I was thrilled with that.

As of right now, I have no other races scheduled and don’t really have any on my radar. However, I have been increasing my long runs each weekend in preparation to pace Leighanna during her first 100 miler at the end of July.  We haven’t quite set anything in stone, but tentatively, it looks like I’ll be running about 25 miles total so I need to get in shape for that.

I’ve spent the last two weekends out on the trails getting some good time on on my legs on some of the more technical terrain in the area.  I’ve been feeling nice and strong each week and enjoying my time in the woods as I really haven’t been running trails over the last several months but have been more of a road warrior.  The desire to run hours and hours in the woods is still alive and kicking, but I’m doing my best not to fall back into my old routine of running a lot of junk miles.

And lifting wise, things are going well.  I briefly considered another crossfit competition but decided to let that go for the time being as I must admit, it’s been really nice to not have anything on my schedule both with running and crossfit.  Each day that goes by without me signing up for a race is a small victory-the pressure is real!

Some highlights of the past few weeks

I completed Murph on Memorial Day-

40 minutes faster with way less modifications than 1 year ago!

I spent a lot time time here

I even wore fancy clothes And caught up with good friends All in all, its been a good albeit low key few weeks. I’m looking forward more “pacer training” and really fine tuning my race day plans for BR100!

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