Week(s) in Review

It’s been a busy start to my summer and June has seemingly passed by in the blink of an eye (as it usually does!) In the two weeks since my last update, I’ve continued to run trails, lift weights and I even made time for a short trip to Charlotte, NC to see my sister in law.  North Carolina was a much needed break from the day to day and I returned home with a tiny sunburn, a full heart, and a cut cornea (more on that later)


I want to share a little of what I did to stay in shape while travelling so I am going to make this a week and a half in review, starting with the Friday we left for CLT.

Friday: we planned to be on the road as early as possible (for me that’s 4am-ish, for Chris, not so much!) so I knew I’d have time for a quick WOD which was needed before sitting in the car for upwards of 8 hours.  I’m typically an antsy person and not great at sitting still so I knew I’d need to work some energy out and hoped that I’d then be rewarded with a car nap. Goal met-slept on and off for the first 2-3 hours of the trip

Saturday: I had access to a small apartment gym while in NC which I wanted to take full advantage of.  I didn’t know exactly what equipment was available to me so I went in with an open mind and nothing specific planned.  It turned out that I had a decent’ish set of dumbbells, a lat pull down machine, a bench and some various cardio equipment.  I warmed up on a very old bike followed by:

Dumbbell bench-3×8 @ 25 lbs

Lat pulldown-3×8 @ 60 lbs

Goblet squats-3×8@ 50 lbs

DB Thrusters-3×8 @ 25 lbs

and I made up a metcon consisting of 15-10-5- DB Thrusters, Burpees, and Air squats-left me sweating on the floor. I then spent the next 8 hours swimming so I think that should count as exercise too!

Sunday: I slept in which is very rare for me so I decided to explore the neighborhood by foot after taking my time waking up.  I knew that NC is known for it’s heat and humidity and I can now confirm that this is true! Between waiting until 9am to run and running on some very exposed streets, it was really hot! I chose to look at it as good heat acclimation.  I ran about 5.25 miles and planned on adding a few more when my husband texted me that it was time to get breakfast.

Fun silo I saw while running The most amazing post run Spanish brunch

Monday: I was able to kind of cut and paste the workout from EpiqX and do it on my own.  Here is what I did including substitutions:

I think it took me about 30 minutes or so-I did not time myself. I realized just how much my 5am class really pushes me; there were several times I wanted to just kind of stop and be done which never crosses my mind at the gym but was very much on my mind when I was solo.  But I pushed through and finished nonetheless.

Tuesday: off-9 hour car ride

Wednesday: Backsquats and then our version of the workout “300”

EPIQ 300 (Time)
For Time:

10 Rounds:
5 Pull-Ups
10 “X Dumbbell Movement” (35-50/15-30)

Dumbbell Movements:

SA DB Push Press (5,5,5,5)
DB Power Cleans (5,5,5,5)
SA DB Bench Press (10,10)
DB Lunges (10,10)
DB Front Squats
DB Bent Over Rows (10,10)
DB Alt. Snatch (10,10)
DB Thrusters (5,5,5,5)

Probably could have pushed harder here than I did which I only saw in retrospect.
Here is where my cut cornea comes into play: Following the gym, I went home and immediately took out my contacts due to cloudiness/blurriness that had started when I was working out but wasn’t majorly alarming at the time.  This was a symptom that I experienced in North Carolina and was diagnosed with allergies at that time, so I assumed that since the contacts I put in had been worn and exposed to the pollen in NC, the blurriness/cloudiness was a result of putting them back in for the first time.
After getting dressed and dropping Liam off at school, I realized that I couldn’t safely drive to work so I headed home and assumed that it would pass just as it had a few days prior.  Upon arriving home, I began to experience pain in my eyes to the extent that I couldn’t open them and a sudden and severe headache that led me to laying on the bathroom floor dry heaving and sobbing. I called Chris who got home in record time and took me to the local ER. I can only think of 2-3 times I’ve ever been in more pain (childbirth wasn’t one of them by the way.)
  While in the ED, I was treated for the headache and diagnosed with a large corneal abrasion-likely the result of trying to remove my contacts from my eyes while they were dry. I was discharged home and spent the rest of the day lying in bed, unable to do much of anything including open my eyes.  The pain in my head was better but still very difficult to manage, and my eyes were still pretty painful for the rest of the day. Fortunately I was able to sleep for a bit and when I woke up around 1 am the following day, while my eyes were still incredibly swollen (people later asked me if I was stung by something), the pain had continued to diminish and I could manage to keep both of them open without the searing pain from earlier.
Me all day Wednesday Vastly improved by Thursday The cut that started it all
5 days later, the swelling and pain is gone and I’m only dealing with lingering photo sensitivity at this point.  I’m still wearing glasses and on meds for a few more days however.  Needless to say I took Thursday off from working out.
Friday: made my official comeback (haha) at the gym and did a ton of thrusters-typically my nemesis but there is something to be said about doing something you don’t enjoy over and over-sure enough, I have improved.
Saturday: “Cindy”-20 minute AMRAP of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats.  Simple enough.  I focused on using more assistance for the pull ups but making each rep clean and with full range of motion which left me surprisingly sore. I finished with a 3 mile run.
Sunday: 11.07 trail miles plus a 5 mile hike.  Abbie and I headed out to the Wetmore Trail in CVNP.  I love this area (probably because it’s the middle miles of one of my favorite races: Run with Scissors) and it’s a a mix of hills, steep descents, multiple water crossings, and some really pretty views.  I later hiked 5 miles in the same area and really focused on spending a lot of time on my feet throughout the day for my #pacertraining.  Consequently, I am hella sore today.
Abbie and I made a friend after our run
Overall, this was a rough week with my eyes and other minor adult things (our AC went out which is likely going to be a $$$ fix) so I’m grateful it’s done and over           with and happy I was able to get through the week with some decent workouts.  The next few weeks will have some increasing long runs and a bit more emphasis on running.

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