I Heart Trail Running-Pacer Training Week in Review

Actually I heart all running really.  I like running on trails, I like running on roads, I even like running on the track sometimes. And I’ve even grown to love running itty bitty distances for time at my gym.  We regulary run at 200, 400 and 800 meter intervals at the gym.  While I wish we could sometimes do mile repeats (probably not going to happen), I’m happy with my little intervals when I can get them (even when they’re in the middle of a metcon and make me feel like puking.)

I’m going to start with a Sunday-Saturday recap so as to capture some of my favorite runs as of late.

Sunday 7/1: 14 trail miles. This was such a fun one! I met Leighanna at Happy Days trail head at 5am.  Goal was to run for a bit in the dark as well as to beat the heat. It ended up hitting 90° and humid by the time we finished. Let me go back and add that not all of this was fun as Leighanna fell hard on her knee in the first ten minutes or so.  However, we got it together and finished the Boston Run Loop before heading over to a loop at the Ledges and back to Happy Days where we met a few more people for a couple of miles.  We finished the last miles on our own, trekking out to Pine Hollow and back.  This was also fun because it was Leighanna’s last long run before the Burning River 100 miler.

Hot and sweaty. Emphasis on hot

Monday: Badger:

Three Rounds for time of:
30 ‘Squat’ Cleans, 95#/55#
30 Pull-ups
Run 800 meters

This was long and rough.  I felt good with my bar cycling on the cleans but it just got ugly at the end. It took me just under 30 minutes.

Tuesday: Another long metcon that I’ll spare you the details of but just share that I felt fried this day and it showed in my lack of speed.  I just couldn’t get my legs going during box jumps and my arms felt like noodles during wall balls.  I think this may have been a sign of needing a rest day which of course I pushed off until later this week.

Wednesday: We had a 4th of July WOD that was a 40 minute partner AMRAP of running, wallballs, burpees over the barbell, and hang cleans.  I had two partners; women who I don’t usually get to see outside of gym social events which made this workout even more fun.  The twist was that we had to run with a med ball and the partner who wasn’t running, had to hold the barbell in the front rack position.  I loved this workout.  I later hiked about 5 miles in the humidity and any inkling of needing a rest day was solidified when I fell into bed exhausted on Wednesday night.

My amazing and beautiful partners

Thursday: Full on no guilt rest day. Always a struggle to rest but working.on.it.

Friday: 3 rounds of 15 overhead squats and a 400 meter run.  This was the first time an OHS was programmed in to a metcon.  I can tell that this is an area that needs work for me; once I became fatigued, my squats became increasingly shallower and I really struggled to hold on to the bar-like arms were shaking and I was willing myself to not let go.  And I was sore for 4 days after.

Saturday: 12.8 total. Another great trail run! I met my recent frequent trail running partner Abbie, at the end point of our run, dropped a car, and drove back to the start so we could do a point to point.  We started with the infamous (in our area) Bills Bad Ass Loop which is about 5ish mile loop on some steep terrain.  While running, we encountered a group training for the relay of Burning River who were lost.  We decided within 12 seconds that they didn’t seem like axe murderers and they joined for the rest of the run.  It’s amazing how you can go from being complete strangers to sharing your life story within an hour.  It’s a phenomenon I’ve only experienced through running. Once we finished the BBA loop, we headed out to O’Neill Woods and back to the Towpath to complete Leg 7. I can now say I’ve run all 100 miles of the Burning River course (not all at once of course!)

Sunday: I had no plans this day but knew I’d likely fit in a run at some point.  I wanted to just allow myself to sleep in and wake up on my own though so I didn’t set an alarm and I didn’t commit to anything.  Liam actually woke me up which is incredibly  unusual as I am almost always up before him.  And lo and behold, he was not about to let me leave the house without him for a run (I think he associates running with donuts!) So we headed down to the local MRTT Sunday Run for 3 quick (not actually quick-that stroller is getting heavy!) miles.  Liam kept telling me to go turbo speed which was kind of funny.  And donuts after, of course.


One last long run this weekend-thinking 15/16 miles and then I’ll be done with training to pace Leighanna at Burning River! Can’t wait!


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