Get Pumped for Pets Crossfit Competition Recap

One year ago today I was only peripherally aware of the Crossfit Competition community.  I had spectated at a few of them but assumed they were for strong people which I most decidedly was not, therefore, they just weren’t for me.  Until that is I lost a bet with my friend and coach in which as the loser, I was to actually participate in one of these events for strong people.

And sure enough, I loved it.  I loved it so much, I did a second one.  And then decided to participate in a third one (this one just 3 weeks after a marathon!!).  So last Saturday, I competed in my gyms competition as part of a 2 person team and surprise, I loved this one too!

This comp was set up as a two person, male/female team.  Initially I was wary about the timing of this competition as it would only allow me a few weeks to recover from Leave No Trace.  However, my brother who has been attending the same gym as me for the last 10 months or so, convinced me to do it with him.  In a bit of an untimely twist, he ended up injured and unable to compete.  Fortunately, my friend (and Straight Scaled teammate Shannon) graciously suggested her husband Jacob as a potential partner.  He agreed and so less than a week to go before the comp, I had a brand new partner who’d I’d never spoken to before but was down to compete (his second comp in less than a week I should add!)

Pre comp- all smiles and coffee

I was less nervous for this event as those in the past, namely because it took place in my gym, many of my classmates would be there to either spectate or compete, and I had also completed all of the workouts fairly recently during class.  I felt comfortable facing all of the components of each WOD (even the wallballs which I had been practicing!)

Look who surprised me before my first workout. The support is unending


8 minute amrap. Each partner alternates

12 cal row

20 DB Snatches

part 2-1 rep max clean

I felt great on this.  The first part of this workout is very complimentary to my strengths and I think we finished in the top 3 of the 9 teams participating.  For the second section, we didn’t do all that well.  I hit 100 lbs (my 1RM PR is 105 and I was hoping to hit 110 for the competition) but I just couldn’t get under the bar fast enough and repeatedly failed. I believe Jacob hit 170 lbs for his clean. Nonetheless, I was happy to hit 100 as it’s still not a guarantee that I’ll get that weight every time.

How scary is my rowing face?

Giving everything I had for this power clean


21-15-9 deadlifts and box stepovers.  Partners alternate each minute

Again this is something that plays to my strengths.  I am great at moving the barbell during metcons with deadlifts so I knew that I would be able to go unbroken for quite a while.  The only thing that I struggled with here was getting dizzy on the stepovers which I expected and tried to do a better job at spotting. I think we finished in the top 3 for this Wod as well.

Deadlifting and trying to hang on to that bar for dear life

Chicken arms – apparently it’s my key to balancing


50 wallballs, 40 hanging knee raises, 30 front squats, 20 burpees to plate, 10 power cleans, 20 burpees to plate, 30 front squats, 40 hanging knee raises, 50 wallballs.  Partners could divide up the work however we wanted.

So literally the first thing I said to Jacob ever (after thanking him for being my partner) was “so, how do you feel about wallballs?”  If you’ve read my past recaps, you know that I have historically not done well with these during previous competitions, earning myself a decent amount of no reps.  While they have been improving, I still am not consistent for more than 4 to 6 reps.

We came up with a plan to divide the work and I think we did a fair job with communicating mid wod as it all played out.  Jacob did a huge set of 20 something wall balls as the Wod began.  I of course got no-repped on my first WB attempt but didn’t freak out in the slightest and just kept plugging along.  I took 30 of the knee raises and then we split the front squats.  I took the lions share of the burpees and then we divided the power cleans. And as we headed back up the chipper, Shannon yelled at me that we were within 5 reps of the lead team in our heat.  I stepped on the gas as much as I could and we powered through, eventually catching up to them.  Unfortunately, with my shitty wallballs and the fact that with each rep I was getting more and more fatigued, we lost some ground on the last set.  I think we finished in the bottom for this Wod.

Burpees. I love them

And despite all these no reps, I stayed cool during the wall balls

Sharing this because I’m proud of the baby lats I’ve been growing

As with all competitions, the feeling of just being finished brings with it such a high.  I could tell that we were doing well overall but had no idea how it would all shake out as the next two heats finished their workouts. Even with a not so great third Wod, it appeared as if we were still in contention.

As the competition wrapped up and we were anxiously awaiting the winners to be called, I saw  that we were in a tie for third.  There was some brief speculation on a tie breaker event but no one knew for sure.  As they called the winners up, my heart utterly sunk when they noted that the tie breaker was the teams performance from the second part of WOD 1; the one rep max clean. This was our weakest area.  The team we tied with who had been behind us for 2 out of 3 events, but out lifted us by a huge margin. I cheered for them because they had beaten us fair and square but felt a little defeated  and angered that this was the event used to break the tie.  I knew (know) I couldn’t take this personally but I couldn’t help but feel that we were just so close.   That’s competition however.  And after coming in the bottom half of the last two competitions, I knew that I had come so so far and that was something to be damned proud of.

I’ve had about a week to reflect on all of this. And I’ve decided that Im really proud of myself. Just showing up to these events is half the battle, I think. Having the courage to compete is not something that comes naturally and I feel like my body fights me tooth and nail sometimes. But I’m always happy (once it’s all over). No more comps on the horizon but if you know me even a little in real life, you know that I am extremely susceptible to even minute amounts of peer pressure so we’ll see….

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